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  1. I would be happy with whatever the group decides. I know I will miss chatting with all of you. Actually, i already do.
  2. You are right Katie. I just know there is a lot of competition down here. I am hoping. Thanks so much for checking it for me.
  3. Thanks Suzanne, I am so happy to have been able to watch them play. Looking at the rest of the season, it might be the only game I will see unless they make the playoffs.
  4. Katie and Lois, you must be happy campers!! Suzanne, we are up soon. A well played game with few penalties and no injuries would be great. A win would be even better!!!
  5. Looking forward also to tonight. Sadly, no interest in the games during the day. Miss my usual teams. Agree, the most important thing tonight is no injuries. Hope everyone enjoys their teams today.
  6. Suzanne, congrats. I really wanted to go to bed but just could not do it. Going to be an interesting game next week for my Ravens. And a really interesting season.
  7. Katie and Lois, I did not watch either of your games but it must have been very frustrating. I have been there! I am happy for a Ravens win, but really miss actually watching them play. I did watch the Packers game and was blown away, along with many others, about the penalty on Matthews. He did not hit either the head or legs, just how is one supposed to tackle a QB now?
  8. Katie, maybe I need to temper my comments about the Pats. 44 years is a long time! And your not so great first date is going to be my question at lunch. You have me curious.
  9. Katie, I was so curious, although dubious, that I booked the 9 Dec. inaugural cruise. I think I did this in a weak moment, but I am actually looking forward to it. If it is a disaster, I will just not book it again. I have also booked the Infinity for a b2b beginning in the 24th of Oct. I so need to get back to having a life.. As for the Patriots, does this mean I can actually say what I think about them? :-) It will be so nice to see you. Hopefully, we can all do the Turtle club. I need a T shirt!
  10. It does look like Haley has found his niche. Happy for the Browns fans. Looking forward to watching your Steelers on Mon. night v. the Bucs.
  11. Thanks for all of the responses. And Lois and Linda,political or not, I completely agree with you. Suzanne, it sounds like you have been where I just was. Not a happy place. Katie, I am also looking forward to seeing you. Are you still doing the Infinity in November? Linda, I am happy to hear that Beth is able to go with you. I was rethinking, but the two of you are going to have a great time.
  12. I don't usually post about shootings, but after the Annapolis Capital shooting and now the Aberdeen shooting I just have to comment. What on earth are we going to do about this. I grew up in Aberdeen when it was a sleepy little town that would not even have existed if not for the Proving Ground. I lived within 5 miles of Annapolis for over 45 years. Something is so very wrong and I do not know what to attribute it to. What kind of society are the children who are growing up today facing? Does anybody have any suggestions? This is just getting more and more sad.
  13. Lois, congrats. Your Jags looked spectacular. Looks like a great season ahead for you. Suzanne, I wish I could have watched your Steelers. They came close. I did watch the Vikings and Packers. Have liked Cousins since he was with the skins. Excellent game. Thank goodness football is back!!!
  14. Suzanne, I do not know if to happy or sad to have missed the game. Apparently, with my internet service, I would have had to buy the entire sports package in order to have watched the game. I passed. The Bengals, along with your Steelers, are the true nemesis of the Ravens. At lease I know the Steelers are going to play a clean game. I have no idea how the game was played, but the Ravens are not a good come from behind team. They need to bring their A game for all 4 quarters. I know Linda menioned sports bars, but I just do not see me in a bar watching football. Maybe I will get desperate and give it a try. Good luck with Burfict. He is truly the scourge of football, imo.
  15. Sorry to have been away for so long, although I have tried to keep up a bit. It has been a stressful couple of months but I have settled into my condo and this morning my house in Md. settled. I am hoping this reduces the stress and I can return to the world of the living. Suzanne, I watched last nights game and realized how much I have missed football. It remains one of the constants in my life. It would be so nice to see Ravens games, but I have not yet managed to figure out how to do it. Good luck to your Steelers. Just cannot bring myself to wish the Seahawks well. Maybe some day. Hope everyone is doing well.
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