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  1. I was contacted yesterday by the independent casino rep that booked my March sailing on the Edge. They offered a comp cruise on pretty much any sailing and we are looking at March/April 2021. I am really hoping there is a vaccine available by then so we can go without being worried.
  2. I apologize if this has already been discussed but I have a tier level question. Prior to my March 8 sailing on the Edge , I had not cruised for several years. I was the lowest level ,pearl ,on that cruise . Gave them some solid play at table games on that cruise. I could not find my current tier level. Any idea where I can find it?
  3. Just opened an email from Celebrity . It confirms they are extending the suspension of cruises for an additional 30 days. Crews are being sent home or can stay on ship with if they have no place to go.
  4. Thanks WonderMan3. I'll eventually figure this out. I'm used to dealing with MLife and one host .
  5. I booked my Celebrity Cruise through an independent host. When I looked at what they assigned my tier level , it is Pearl. I have been Platinum with M Life for over 8 years. I would not care but it looks like there are some free play and promo chip benefits to being a higher tier. Is that something the casino host on the ship could address or just forget about it?
  6. Thanks for posting the pics and it does look like privacy is lacking. I could be wrong but it also looks like they face away from the pool. I'm used to the ones at hotel pools which all face the pool. I think I'll pass.
  7. Are the Edge cabanas not as nice as the ones on Silhouette? I was thinking of booking one for our first sea day next week.
  8. Thanks, that is what I thought. Maybe I’m weird but preference is to sit at the bar when I’m alone. Any idea how long the outside bar is open up there?
  9. Looking at online pics and see and outside “pool bar “ but no inside bar like Michaels Club on S series. Been several years but I enjoyed stopping in and sitting at the bar for a couple cocktails while my wife was getting ready for dinner. Looks like the retreat is a lounge only with servers. Am I seeing tha right?
  10. Cleared cookies and cache in addition to a reboot on iPad. Still no good. Laptop seems ok with Edge except for log in issues.
  11. Thank you and sorry I missed it. I was struggling with reading last night on my Ipad with double vision on CC
  12. Anybody have experience with WiFi on the Edge ? Wondering if it was built with more efficient internet connection.
  13. I don't own RCL stock and did not ask. Actually I just learned about that benefit on these boards last week.
  14. Never used UrComped but have used other independent casino reps. I'm pretty active on the VegasMessageBoard (Nittany1) and there have been postings about them. My situation is I have been friends with a couple independents that I work with. The issue is they have done mostly NCL and I like Celebrity. They also do all the Caesars properties and I have in house hosts at MGM properties Aria ,Bellagio and Borgata in AC where most of my play is. If I want to go to Caesars or cruise NCL I would use my friends. Same goes for Atlantis or Baha Mar in the Ba
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