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  1. https://www.nywatertaxi.com/neighborhood-guides/midtown-42nd-street
  2. I don't know but I've seen several other pics of Bliss and they are all this same color. When we went it was too cold to be out there after dark. I ran out there long enough to snap this pic, lol, which was disappointing because I love it out there.
  3. No, I see what you are saying, just wanted clarification. I guess it's all about prioritizing. We will probably have about 2 1/2 days unless we decide to add one more day. We'll have adults in their 40's, 60's, and 70's and teens.
  4. Why do you say Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island are a waste of time? I'm thinking more just the S.O.L..
  5. I see what you mean. I just looked at the app for my cruise. Under "Onboard Activities" go karts is listed but not laser tag. 🤷‍♀️ Who knows. I'm going to assume it just hasn't been completely updated.
  6. We decided several months ago to book Encore to Bermuda next summer. The lack of Spice had me hesitating. Then we decided to go Haven for the first time. At least we will have somewhere to go hang out or get some sun. We liked Spice on Getaway. I'll be curious to go check things out around the pool and Waterfront. I love the Waterfront and usually walk it after dinner. Hopefully it's not standing room only. We'll see. Either way we'll have fun. It will help me make decisions on future bookings when we aren't going Haven.
  7. We have been on 2 of Breakaway's sister ships, Getaway and Bliss. We sailed once on Royal, Liberty of the Seas. We felt that they were pretty comparable as far as service, activities, food. We just didn't enjoy the Royal ship as much but I do want to try an Oasis class ship. Our teens really enjoyed the teen club on both lines. I really like the Waterfront on the NCL ships.
  8. KristieB

    Bermuda cave

    I must have read it wrong the first time. lol One of the excursions I am looking at costs $99 and we will get the $50 credit, so it ends up being $49 per person. I'm thinking that might be worth not having to organize transportation and everything. There will be 8 in our group.
  9. KristieB

    Bermuda cave

    So am I understanding this correctly? Organized excursion groups take priority for entrance into the caves. How long do the lines get? Does saving money by doing it on your own still out weigh waiting in line? I'm sure it varies depending on how many ships are in port.
  10. How does that work? You called about an existing booking, do they figure what it would be at the current price minus 20 percent?
  11. I am sad about no Spice, we always travel with extended family and that was a place we could sit, talk, have a drink, and enjoy the view. That I can deal with. We don't fight the crowds at the pool but would occasionally find a lounger on a top deck. We were planning on Bermuda next summer and trying Haven for the first time, but probably not all of our group will be Haven. My issue now is the kids. Two will be 18 by then, one 16. The 16 year old likes the teen club but now that her cousin won't be able to go she may not as much. So besides the pool and slides, what can they do without always having to pay? That is now my issue. With no ropes course, rock climbing, mini golf, etc., will they be bored? Ugh There aren't many choices with NCL for next summer. Now wondering if we should go Royal next time and save Encore and Bermuda for later, maybe a no kids trip.
  12. We stayed on Bliss close to the forward elevators, right next to the doorway going out to the elevator/stairway area on deck 11. It was great. there was no extra noise. I would definitely stay there again.
  13. My mom loves salmon. She had it on Bliss last summer at Cagney's and said it was one of the best she's had.
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