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  1. In the US you are not considered fully vaccinated, as you've just had two different types of 1st doses. Our CDC says, "2 weeks after their second dose in a 2-dose series, such as the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, or, 2 weeks after a single-dose vaccine, such as Johnson & Johnson’s Janssen vaccine" Both AstraZeneca and Pfizer's sites state you have to have two in their shots to complete the series. If I were you I'd be looking for a way to get that second Pfizer shot to become fully vaccinated.
  2. I thought the same thing. Softball questions with PR cheerleader non-answers 😞
  3. Has this part been broken for you all along? Did you submit an email/ticket, or did it just magically start working for you? I only get a plain white screen when I try to do this currently.
  4. This is exactly my experience, with different cancelled cruise dates. My cancelled July Enchanted Princess booking is stuck "on" in the app, and I can't add my new Alaska cruise in July because this booking is already part of your journey. I really wish they could wipe my app account of any cruises, so I could add the current/correct ones now.
  5. Did you ever feel uncomfortable with the view down from the sea walk above? I’m in this cabin on Majestic, and want to be prepared. It was a “free” bump up from an Interior, so I’m not complaining 🙂
  6. I had to carry a WHO vaccine card to travel to Japan. It's definitely not a new thing.
  7. I'm in, I'm in! I feel like I just got back in line to enter the meat grinder yet again, but man I really do hope this sailing happens 😄
  8. Yeah. Princess is messing with us. Our ship fell off the Rome port schedules awhile ago and appeared on the Athens schedules, but so far there is no change from Princess. It might be a last minute surprise!
  9. My military and shareholder benefits did not transfer over from my Aug 22 booking. I just had to resubmit the emails, but I did get an instant response back from the Shareholder team (oops! I submitted screenshots from an older statement). So Shareholder department is active and working!
  10. My guess would be the social distancing dance they're going to need to do over the next 6 months or so. They want to assign folks to a space for planning purposes?
  11. Has anyone noticed a blank white screen when trying to load the "Choose your OceanMedillion" page within the OceanReady Profile? I'm on a fully updated iPhone 12 Pro. Everything else seems to work fine in here, but the ordering page is not. Might have more to do with my next July 2021 cruise being in a possibly about to redeploy/re-route state, but I get the same error on mu Aug 2022 cruise as well.
  12. Yes! After years of always replacing garbage pieces from other brands, I spent money once on great luggage with lifetime replacement guarantee.
  13. I thought about doing the same, but I get planning and travel anxiety and would want to get it done earlier for my own sanity 😄
  14. Under the current rules the home test doesn’t work because there must be written results from a lab associated with it. A home collection kit is ok, but would have to be sent in to an actual lab to be read.
  15. I did a quick look online for a stop on my summer cruise, and found several walk in clinics in Sicily that charge no more than €50 for a same day test. It will be a pain to deal with with, but looks like it can be done. That way I could get off the ship in Civitavecchia and go straight to the airport with test results in hand. I wouldn’t be surprised if Princess didn’t facilitate a Covid Test excursion in these final ports for the US and other citizens that need it. That being said I suspect we could see a change in policy by then that will allow fully vaxxed to enter the States with
  16. Right, and my state has a site as well. Will other countries accept a state based website? Versus having an official USA site that may seem more official? This is what I hope to find out. I really want to get some variety of private commercial apps that are accepted as valid vaccine proof for international travel. Those apps would import data from the various state websites to verify that the vaccine data is legit.
  17. And checking the Port of Civitavecchia site now shows Enchanted is off the schedule. Princess just charged my EZ Air balance for late July round trip to Rome. They really do need to figure this out!
  18. LOL ain’t that the truth! For me those extra couple days are going to help with the planning and travel anxiety. Extra day to ramp down from the stress of getting there and worrying if I forgot anything. An extra day before to pack up and get ready to depart. More time to relax and not worry about missing activities, since they are more likely to repeat.
  19. Through my TA who calls Princess on my behalf. Normally when a cruise is cancelled I re-book right away. For this one since it was early in the pandemic, I just let it auto cancel and held the FCC in my account for a while.
  20. That’s what I really want to know. Since we in the States don’t have an electronic vaccine record system, how will we get our CDC cards translated to the EU’s vaccine passport system?
  21. When they cancelled my Discovery cruise last year, I had my EZ Air money back on my credit card after a week or two. I think it’s faster if you call in, otherwise it will be processed automatically.
  22. Keeping my fingers crossed for July 31st out of Rome... or Aug 1 out of Athens if you believe the Piraeus port schedule.
  23. Oh my I love the idea of floating head pictures. This is the kind of silly thing I could send back to the kids every day. 🙂 I really hope I get to take a floating head pic at Pisa this summer. Solo cruising is brand new for me, with the first one being (hopefully) in July. I think I'll try stopping for most of the picture stops as a way to keep me engaged, and as a way to document my trip. And I'll make a point of floating head picturing all along as well.
  24. Problem is if husband decides last minute not to cruise, OP is responsible for the cash balance for his portion directly to Princess right then. Plus, his FCC poofs and is not recoverable. Best to transfer FCC ahead of time, book solo, and add him last minute to the prepaid reservation if needed.
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