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  1. Bonvoyagemom

    Tour of ResidenSea?

    Hi everyone- We live near the Port of Charleston, and I noticed that The World will be docked here for 2 days in October. I would LOVE to tour the ship, but I don't know if that is allowed to respect the owner's privacy. We would love to be residents on this ship, but we are way too far from retirement to do so anytime soon. But a long term goal if its possible. Does anyone know if they do tours? Is there a minimum salary requirement just to do a tour? Background check, give up your first born, etc? :)
  2. Bonvoyagemom

    Ways to secure door so toddler can't leave room....

    My boys were always scared by the noise, they shut the door right away! I guess we were lucky it didn't take manual trapping to keep them in. I have to agree on the bungee cord-my youngest son was injured on something like a bungee. It was actually after our last cruise, my in-laws decided to attach the kids cruise cards to springy lanyards (you know the multi-colored ones they give you at the casino to make sure you don't leave your card in the machine-one of those). Well, when we got home my oldest stretched it across the room and weighted the card end down on our counter with a book. My youngest was curious as to what was under the book, and picked it up, spring releasing the card. It slashed his eye, slicing the white of his eyeball right open! Talk about freaking out, I didn't know an eye could bleed that much! Thankfully, it was not on the cornea, or it would have required surgery. Meds, eye patch and residual damage later, I caution EVERYONE against bungees and springy lanyards. His eye is permanently damaged, although no affect on his vision. I would look into duct/masking tape of some kind, much safer. It also can be dual purpose if you need to hold/fix something! Good luck and happy cruising!
  3. Bonvoyagemom

    Ways to secure door so toddler can't leave room....

    If you have a Harbor Freight near you, they sell these sticky door alarms that work by magnetization. I have included the link below- http://www.harborfreight.com/door-window-entry-alarm-94983.html We use them at home, even now that my boys are 7 and 5. We will be bringing them with us on our cruise in August as well. They easily stick and come off. You can choose between an alarm sound, and a dinging bell sound. I would recommend the dinging bell sound, I bet your "neighbors" might not appreciate the alarm sound!
  4. Bonvoyagemom

    Divina B1 vs B2 vs B3?

    Thank you so much!!!
  5. Bonvoyagemom

    Divina B1 vs B2 vs B3?

    _______ Also, can you tell me about 11040
  6. Bonvoyagemom

    Divina B1 vs B2 vs B3?

    Can you give me the info for 11038? Thank you!!!
  7. Bonvoyagemom

    MSC Divina Pricing

    Can you tell me the website too? Thank you!!
  8. Bonvoyagemom

    Divina extreme reviews, is it the Divina, or the Reviewers!

    [quote name='SunReader']Cruiseguys2009, The Divina pictures look incredible! Will you be doing a review after your cruise in May? We had planned to go on Royal Caribbean, but I am a solo traveler and they changed their single supplement policy and their prices were crazy in August. I have a balcony for less than an inside on Royal. The couples and the family also made out much better. We are excited to try the Divina especially after this snowy and frigid weather in Massachusetts this winter. Ellen[/QUOTE] Ellen- Are you on the Aug 2nd sailing? We live in NH and are thinking the same thing you are about the winter! We booked 2 staterooms for my in-laws and my family that were amazing prices. I can't wait to sail!