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  1. Bra_BE2014

    Breakaway - Live 7/22

    Excellent review, thanks!
  2. Pitty we don’t have more testimonials of people who were on board and saw it all! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  3. Just read this entire thread in one go, so much fun! However, one mystery remains: Who won the Lion contest? Was there an award ceremony? Did the winner receive the prize? Are Rick and the lion still together?! So many questions.
  4. Bra_BE2014

    MSC Armonia Hits Dock Today

    Are you sure this is legit? I googled 'Msc Armonia' and nothing about this came up. Anybody seen it reported anywhere other then Facebook?
  5. Bra_BE2014

    Huge brawl on the Legend, with video.

    I love cruising but I indeed am also scared it is just a matter of time before ship’s poor security encourage terrorists attacks. God help us. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  6. Bra_BE2014

    Forget the Yacht Club, now there is the CC....

    It’s a fair question! I only considered it because I did a b2b on a ncl epic studio and loved it. I didn’t miss having a balcony or porthole for a second. So when I saw the price of the YC inside I was more then willing to try, specially if you consider you have access to the one pool deck. For me it was way better then paying double or triple for another YC option, since I only use my cabin to sleep and get changed. Happy cruising! Priscila Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  7. Bra_BE2014

    Zip Line Charge!

    I much rather they charge it and keep their cruise fares on the lower end then charging very high prices like RCL and having the zip line 'free'....
  8. Hi, I'm so glad you found the review useful! Regarding the ports, I tend to use msc excursions, it makes me feel safer as I travel alone. They do a great job in offering different kinds of excursions, from laid back to adventure, so if you decide to go that route, keep an eye out for the description of how much walking and/or physical effort is required - the ones described as 1 and 2 are the lightest ones. Port wise, In my humble opinion, Portofino is a bit overrated: yes, it is pretty, but it is also tiny, meaning it will be super crowded with hundreds of people from the ship, which I hate. Unless you're going in the low season, then it should be a bit better. Have a great time! Cheers, Priscila
  9. Bra_BE2014

    ‘Live from Orchestra’ Christmas 2017 Cruise Review

    You don’t eat ice cream? Bea, I’m shocked, lol Have a fabulous cruise! Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  10. Bra_BE2014

    Aboard the Seaside LIVE! Not Good!

    +++quote+++ Movement is also encumbered by the predominant use of mirrors, glass and chromed metal surfaces throughout the public areas.* I have already witnessed several passenger walk into mirrors and glass panes, and at the risk of sounding lame, I have had had several near misses myself.* ***quote*** How is that possible!?
  11. Bra_BE2014

    Wow....some really harsh words about the Seaside !

    Exactly - i sailed twice in bella experience and would again in a heartbeat. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. Bra_BE2014

    Forget the Yacht Club, now there is the CC....

    I love cruising and I can be happy on both ‘clubs’. My last sailing, the YC inside cabin was way cheaper then a fantastica balcony, so there you go: my canoe soul was happy at the opportunity [emoji4] Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. Bra_BE2014

    F*** Cancer and Buy Insurance

    Agree, I would keep the cruise to enjoy life while possible, unless I was required to be in the hospital, etc. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  14. Everything about cruising is so subjective! I loved Meraviglia. Some didn't. You will have to discover for yourself! There is also a very active Facebook group about this ship and someone posted that their son's school play was better then cirque de Soleil show, I kid you not. Just to show that it is simply impossible to please every single person. Happy cruising!
  15. Bra_BE2014

    Msc cruises tipping/service charges

    Aztecas? [emoji23] Kidding, I think he means Aussies. (Australians) Sent from my iPad using Forums