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  1. Excellent. Just looked and we paid £230 deposit. I see you are from the Midlands. I'm from the West Midlands.
  2. Thank you for your reply. We paid alot for our deposit when we booked 2 years ago. They are now offering low deposit so we should have enough to cover.
  3. Hi. We are due on Iona the end of March. Thinking of changing to March 22. Same cruise length will just depart 1 day earlier than the current cruie that we are booked on. Is it easy enough to change cruise for one year later? Our balance is due mid December. Booked direct with P&O.
  4. You never know. Will be June or July.
  5. Thank you. It sure has been a struggle. Glad you are sorted to. We might look at crusing on the Grandiosa next year.
  6. We finally received our refund for the March 12th cruise this Tuesday.
  7. Hi.We have a Sky suite booked for next October. I'm sharing with my parents. On the invoice it says premium drinks package for guests 1 and 2. Will I get the drinks package when we board? Thankyou.
  8. Hi.We had an email from an actual person this week.They have acknowledged that we want a refund and will be 120 from that email.We started emailing them March 13th and even though they replied back they are now saying that the refund date will take place from last week's email not the ones from March.
  9. We phoned MSC again today to ask how they are prioritising refunds as I would have thought we were one of the first.The lady on the phone couldn't answer the question so she gave us another email address which we have sent an email to.What we can't understand is why they are saying its 120 days from now not March when we first emailed them.We had originally booked through Thomas Cook but MSC took the booking over and we had to pay them direct.
  10. Finally after 2 months of chasing MSC I finally received my email for a refund request.We first sent email early March.We were meant to be causing March 12th Grandisoa.The email says refunds will take 120 from the email date request.We had to send another email last Monday and that's what they are counting the 120 from not the one we sent in March.
  11. Still no refund.Will wait another few weeks if still no refund will ring MSC.
  12. Hi.Thank you will take a look.We have already joined the captains club.
  13. Thank you for your reply.Love your review and photos.Will be my first time with Celebrity.Diamond plus with Royal.Looking forward to my first cruise with Celebrity.
  14. Hi.We are in a Sky Suite we will receive these benefits.Thank you.
  15. Still waiting for our refund.Could take up to 8 weeks.
  16. Hi quick update.Just been on the phone with MSC.Very nice lady.She said we will get a full refund and any prepaid items.She said it will take 6 to 8 weeks and the money will go back onto the card we paid with.
  17. I will keep you posted.Did they find you a hotel that night?As soon as the announcement was made we booked flights for the Friday morning at 10.30am.We went straight to the airport that night.
  18. Hi.We phoned a few days after we got back hadn't heard from them a week later.Phoned again and explained what had happened.The lady told us to email operations which we have.Another week gone by still not heard anything.We would like a full refund we will book with MSC again but for now would like our money back.
  19. We were on the Grandiosa when they announced total lockdown.We were on the ship for 4 hours before being kicked off.That is the letter they gave us.Either future cruise credit or full refund
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