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  1. Thanks, everyone. This is so helpful. Bruce
  2. To All, We have generally been late purchasers, often inside the last payment window, so what we paid was what we got. This time, given the current state of things, we've reserved for March of 2022. I've seen discussions on this site of price drops and re-fare negotiations with HAL. When I booked I assumed the price was a bit high and assumed, based on what I've observed over the years, that the price would drop between $600 to $800pp before it was over, maybe more with less perks. I've just noticed a drop of $400 with what seems like the same perks. Is it recommended to call my PCC
  3. Also, you can purchase the spa pass in advance or first day of sailing, where they offer tours. usually it's the same price but sometimes it varies.
  4. The great thing (or one of the great things) about the weekly spa pass is it makes the room bigger. That is, you can get away and spread out when the room starts to feel small, shower down in the spa while the rest of the family gets ready in the room. It's a very relaxing place at odd hours like after dinner when there is nobody there. The hydrotherapy pool and lounge areas are quiet most of the time and there doesn't tend to be children around, not that there are many on HAL ships. In addition, I love the silk den bar (quiet is a theme here) for relaxed atmosphere, and it's just across
  5. Cruisin Kay D, I do not wish to be negative but i do wish to be realistic. Covid cases are not getting lower and lower. The 14 day average of new cases across the US is up 23% and deaths are up 2%. Yes, schools are open, and every day they close due to new infections. In colleges, there are over 130,000 new cases. You might want to validate your sources of information. The major media are not hyping, they are telling the truth. And although there are a large number of cases in big areas, the largest and fastest growing per capita are in places like the Dakotas, Utah, and Mon
  6. Thanks. Your testimonial makes me want to go.
  7. I'm wondering if anyone has toured the Damajagua Waterfalls while stopped in The DR. There are a couple of tours listed. My question is, will it tend to be crowded with other tours such that it just feels like another busy tourist site (I'm aware that I'm one of those tourists), or will it feel more private and secluded? Thanks, Bruce
  8. Thanks for posting such a great video. It brings back memories of our first HAL cruise, on the Maasdam.
  9. Ok, another question. If you use the ship's wifi via the navigator app to text or make calls, does it count against your internet purchase? Does it count as a device connected to the internet on your plan? Thanks again. Bruce
  10. Thanks, Holacanada, and greetings from the Boston area. another question: is there anything to do in advance such as download an app or do we just do it all onboard?
  11. It's been several years since our last cruise (it was on the Rotterdam in 2018) and in March we sail on the Nieuw Statendam. Is there away to use cellphones on board, not to call out, but to communicate within the ship with others by call or text? Thanks, Bruce
  12. I'm wondering about the classical music options on this cruise. We are on the eastern lap beginning on March 8. On other HAL ships it is called Adagio and they play every night in one of the smaller lounges...and that tended to be our primary entertainment because that's what we enjoy most. Here I was looking forward to the much grander Lincoln Center Stage and the chance for more than a duo (it seems there is a quartet or quintet of players). But from the daily schedules it seems there is no later evening concerts planned...most days at 6 and 7pm, which overlap with early dining. So the
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