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  1. Will Viking allow me to book excursions that only have 15 minutes in between? For instance if one of the included excursions ends at 12:15pm can I get on another one that starts at 12:30pm? Thanks
  2. This happened to my sister and her two friends this past May. They enjoyed Tarragona and the surrounding area. I reserved them a tour & driver from https://mydaytrip.com/ that included transportation from their hotel in Barcelona to Tarragona. The amphitheater and the aqueduct ruins have a lot history. Barcelona cruise terminal is getting overcrowded and I guess this eases the pressure on the staff, the terminal etc...
  3. I don't think that they are that strict, but they want all guests accounted for and at the muster drill. If you are after the recommended on board time and miss the drill, they may have a make up one. But I feel you are cutting it close. There are a lot of what ifs and questions. What if your flight is delayed? Do you have to go through customs and immigration? What if your luggage is lost and you have to file a claim at the airport? What if there is a taxi strike and there are long lines at airport? You probably will be fine, but not the way I personally would want to start a vacation by stressing if I will get there on time. Good luck!
  4. Record locator works for me. It is not a group airline reservation number but an individual reservation.
  5. Here is what I received for my brother.
  6. Is there a record locator number with the flight information? If you have that you can go on the airline's website and enter your name and record locator # and pick seats from there. Be aware you may have to pay extra for seats and baggage with these air promos. Hope that helps. A record locator is usually 6 digits (combo of letters and numbers) and different from the PNR number.
  7. Thanks! I am moving in a few days and it is already packed, but as soon as I unpack I will come back with all the details. I really appreciate your reply! Thank you.
  8. Hello fellow cruisers. I am sailing under the Lions gate bridge in Vancouver at night. I don't have a fancy camera - simple point and shoot digital one, but would love advice for taking pictures of this bridge all lite up at night. Any pointers/tip/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  9. My sister in her 60's and two other ladies did a 12 night med cruise in a balcony cabin and said the pull out sofa bed was very uncomfortable even with one of those toppers you can get from the cabin steward. This was on the NCL Star ( believe). They rotated who got the sofa bed so they all had to experience. Most, but not all beds split to two twins. Have your TA or PCC confirm for you. Ask for the mattress topper and extra pillows. Good luck!
  10. I would stick with Haven. Also don't you awarded 2 points versus 1 towards the next Latitudes level?
  11. If you leave on the 19th; you will more than likely arrive on the 20th; thus only needing one night. The hotel will let you check in early based on availability; but many will store your luggage for you as well. Hope this helps!
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