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  1. For us I view it as we're taking a calculated risk. Last Sept we flew to Florida to visit Universal/Disney. We were not vaccinated then, we are today. Would I go now? Not a chance. Too many variables have changed. Then, the covid numbers were low, parks capacity controlled and very strict precautions were in place. Today it's a free for all. All eyes were on the parks when they opened; today they're on cruises. The cruise lines are highly motivated toward success and good PR. They also need to get passengers on board so policies for refunds are more liberal than they will be down
  2. Pay onboard using some of the OBC received from TA
  3. For me it’s mainly about saving $$. We booked with a TA for our Greece back-to-back cruises in Oct. Balcony cabin. I gave her my preferred location, she found a cabin we could stay in both legs and also offered input from her experience sailing on the Jade. All good, but more significant to me is the $300 OBC we’re getting on each cruise. I have a hard time understanding why many cruisers are hesitant, or even solidly against, using TAs. $600 is a solid sum of money to me. We didn’t have to wait on hold as she seemed to book directly into NCL’s system during our call. We’re
  4. I also learned about Informed Delivery from cruise critic! Though there's been lots of needling chatter this past year, it's nice to see the good fruits of these forums.
  5. I'm so sorry; that really stinks. At this late stage those of us booking the "new" cruises did so with the confidence that they are highly likely to sail. That would feel like someone pulling the rug out from under me. Yes, in ordinary times they did charter cruises, but typically with very extended lead times, well before international air and other travel arrangements were made. I am booked in October and can't imagine my reaction if this would happen to us.
  6. We spent 5 nights at Skt Petri fall of 2018; 1st time in Copenhagen, before our 1st TA. It is a lovely hotel. We really enjoyed the location, though admittedly we're more mobile than your husband so walked absolutely everywhere. It's a nice neighborhood in the midst of a sprawling university type area. Nice blend of tourists, students and locals with restaurants, shops and such. I loved that our room had a huge window seat overlooking the street below- perfect perch for people watching!
  7. While not a Regent tour, for Alhambra perhaps consider using Spain Day Tours? Our last cruise was an NCL TA Nov 2019 during which we had a number of outstanding tours with them. Our day visiting the Alhambra is a precious memory.
  8. Just booked back-to-back cruises on Jade out of Athens in October. Used our new to us TA we just started booking with in the before times. She was knowledgable, had sailed the same ship in Mediterranean so gave valuable guidance with cabin selection, and is giving us $250 OBC for 1st leg and $300 for 2nd. The amount was higher than expected for balcony cabin. NCL has a great website for planning so we lose no control over meal reservations, shore excursion etc. Obviously I'm a proponent of using a (good) TA.
  9. Cruise Critic posts updates that help distill some of the ever-evolving changes. Under the "More" tab at the top of the page there is a "News" section. I found this helpful and maybe you will as well.
  10. Just booked NCL Jade 7N back to back starting 10/10. Have never been to Greece so jumped on the opportunity to book a “highly likely” to sail cruise. 7 nights is short for us, plus the distance, so figured repeating it a 2nd week would give us some cruise ship time while also allowing more options at each port call. We’ll spend a few days in Athens pre-cruise so our 1st return to cruising adventure is far exceeding my expectations.
  11. This week we should be sailing the last leg of our 34 night transatlantic/ Baltic/ Norway cruise. We retired (unexpectedly) early a few years ago and resumed our love of cruising. After a couple of Caribbean cruises we realized we were a bit bored and decided it was time to venture out further. I love reading trip reports (thank you to all who have shared their experiences!) so became inspired to start visiting some of these beautiful places I was reading about. Our first cruise across the Atlantic was a big deal to us because it was also our first trip to Europe! Yup we are traveling newbies,
  12. As others have indicated it's timing of your cruise, and I'd add destination & demographics. We were able to upgrade outright from Spa mini suite to Spa Haven for $1500 total for 16 nights on Nov Epic TA. We could have upgraded to 2 bedroom for same price. I didn't hear of anyone winning a Haven bid and it seemed the cabins were booked/upgraded as the prices dropped. This was an unusually low price point for Havens so assume most folks booking this cruise were seeking bargain rates. Also minimal children or families onboard, who I expect typically book the larger 2 bedroom cabins. Of note:
  13. Disappeared for our 4/12 cruise as well. Had it in my cart but wanted to check with my husband 1st, then next day gone.
  14. I've sailed in YC and have 2 weeks outside the YC booked in May. We spend most of our time onboard outside the YC and the vibe has always been upbeat with folks looking like they're having a grand vacation. MSC offers a nice product for the money and I'm certain we'll enjoy our fantastica cabin as well. I love the Divina but won't pay current YC prices so would happily book another category to sail on her again. I would love to see more non-YC posts and responses. I seek out posts that apply to whatever I'm sailing next so all you non-YC people please jump in to share your advice
  15. We were on this past November's TA from Barcelona to San Juan in a Haven Spa Suite and loved it!! Kind of an odd cabin with the round bed in the middle, but a wonderful balcony with 2 padded loungers and 2 chairs/ stool. We were in 14147, regular size balcony, with some have larger ones. We ended up with nice weather on the sea days and loved Posh sundeck, Haven courtyard and our balcony that we only went to the spa once. Usually we spend a lot of time there but were so many places to chill. I think the Haven in general is overpriced but we felt we got value for the money on the Epic, especial
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