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  1. Last fall Breakaway TA 1&2- Le Bistro: Dover sole I believe, best meal of the cruise, not sure what DH had 3&4- Ocean Blue 5-7- MDR breakfasts
  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to share your adventures!! We recently booked our 1st Regent cruise on the Navigator for next Sept so soaking up everything I can about the ship and the Regent experience. Also, traveling to Norway, though on a different cruise line, in the spring so a double bonus viewing your gorgeous photos of the scenery. I also enjoyed a reminiscent moment when you mentioned the Mersey Boys. They performed last fall on our NCL Breakaway TA and joined the dueling piano singers for a few songs here and there as well. Again, a warm thank you for brightening my days with your blog!
  3. We just booked suite 600 which appears to be the ocean view version of 601. So far no luck in finding pics or video of this cabin. Having a hard time getting a visual image in my head of the layout so am soaking up all info about these cabins.
  4. A big thank you for sharing your experience! We are on this cruise next May so interested in hearing all about your trip.
  5. Yes, she’s heading back to Kiel 4/12 for the summer season, alternating weekly cruises to Northern Europe and Norway. Will be returning to the US in September.
  6. Just took our 1st TA last year and loved it! We got hooked and decided this is our now favorite way to cruise. But as others have said it is a different experience from our previous Caribbean cruises. Ours was from Copenhagen to NYC in Sept. Our 1st time to Europe so spent 5 nights there prior to the cruise. Loved all our port stops, mostly touring with groups arranged here on CC. So much more to see and experience in these ports than the islands. We did end up having rough seas and windy weather once we left the Azores, which continued through our multi-sea day stretch. Fascinating to learn that sea spray can reach all the way to the pool deck and beyond! Most days the upper decks were closed due to wind. The spa thalassotherapy pool was eventually drained when it kept flooding the spa as it sloshed side to side. While we had a balcony cabin I'm not sure I sat out there once due to the weather. Even got a bit queasy when I looked out at the choppy waves lol. Over all, despite the weather, we really did enjoy the cruise! Our main form of entertainment during the day was reading books on our Kindles. Others played cards, games, puzzles etc. As stated above, one does have to have the ability to self-entertain during the long stretch of sea days. Coming west we did gain sleep rather than lose it, a big plus. It did feel luxurious being well rested and spoiled with 3 sit down meals a day. The beverage package is another huge perk. Mimosas with breakfast, wine with lunch and cocktails at leisure throughout the afternoon and evening are not my norm at home! The waitstaff were very generous, especially at lunch, refilling our glasses before they were even half empty. There was one significant downside to our cruise. The weather pretty much kept everyone inside. Here and there were moments of warmer weather when we could sit in a lounge chair near the pool and some folks did use the hot tubs, but much less than I anticipated. We were on the Breakaway which really lacked inside seating. Would have been a different experience if the water front decks could have been utilized. The atrium was predictably full and there really aren't many other places to even sit and read. Gradually they opened up some of the specialty restaurants during the daytime for table games and such but other than that, very few cozy comfortable areas to just sit and chill. One other note on TA's- lots of folks from lots of areas carry their local viruses with them, plus they pick up more from their flights and other sites they visit. Time spent inside means there's more chance for these germs to get shared. Mostly common colds, but for some reason on cruises these seem to be the coughing type. Day by day I could hear more folks getting sick, and we did too, though luckily just basic cold symptoms for us. Most of this is inevitable, but it is frustrating when fellow travelers don't sneeze/cough into their arm or tissues. My advise is pack some cold medicine with you because it's pricey on the ship. Great topic that's not discussed a lot on these boards, so thank you and I look forward to hearing others' experiences too.
  7. Welcome to MSC and you made a wise choice! Our next cruise is booked on NCL (basic cabin, no Haven, not worth the $ to us), showing we love both cruise lines. The Yacht Club is as wonderful as described here. So much so, we are willing to forego our preferred cabin type- balcony- to be able to afford the YC on the Meraviglia next spring- in an interior cabin for 20 nights. It's such a great rate for the amenities received. Folks seem to be catching on as the interior YC cabins are selling out quickly on many sailings. I like the big-ship experience, especially in the evenings, so we'll be out and about enjoying the entertainment while soaking up the more boisterous energy. A perfect balance of 2 worlds!
  8. Sure hope there are no extensions to the project because we booked the 9/11/20 TA from Barcelona to Montreal today! Our first Regent cruise and totally unexpected, so I am beyond excited! Not even sure how I happened upon this cruise because luxury cruises have not been on our radar or in our budget. The numbers on this cruise though are surprisingly favorable, which are no doubt related to the unplanned schedule changes that affected your cancelled cruise. It's good to hear the change ended up positive for you as well. We already had a TA booked so next task is to cancel that one. And of course now need to learn all about Regent and the Navigator!
  9. I’m a fan of deals so very impressed! Working at downsizing my expectations for items such as stateroom category to maximize my travel budget now that we’re unexpectedly retired. Thanks for the inspiration and wishing you a wonderful journey!!
  10. Kdiamond55 Look for an embarkation special. On the Breakaway last fall they offered 50% off pressing for the day we boarded. We’ve decided to go this route from now on for my DH’s button down shirts and 1 or 2 of my dresses. Use Downey wrinkle release for other more casual clothes but DH likes to wear a dress shirt/tie a few nights which I don’t even bother ironing before we leave anymore.
  11. Enjoyed your video review; thank you for putting it together and sharing with us!! Sailing on this November’s TA on the Epic so helpful information. We have a spa cabin so loved your footage of the spa area, especially the aft outside loungers because I’ve been curious about that feature.
  12. Epic TA Barcelona to San Juan 11/22/19!!
  13. Cruising for us started out as a once in awhile beach/warm weather escape from our hectic daily lives. This took a turn when we became unexpectedly "retired". Visited Europe for the 1st time last fall on our 1st transatlantic cruise and found the perfect travel formula for us. We stayed in Copenhagen 5 nights prior to the cruise and loved having the time to explore the city prior to embarking on the second part of our trip. Land trip and cruising combined- the best of both worlds! This fall we're spending a week in Barcelona prior to our 2nd TA, with similar types of vacations planned going forward. I never expected international travel would become a passion at this stage of our lives. We're novices and admittedly still anxious about navigating new cities and countries on our own, but hoping to gain confidence with each trip!
  14. For Jamaica I recommend a more structured tour or resort for a day option because the locals can get pushy and intrusive. We visited Jewel Runaway Bay through Resorts for a Day website last month and highly recommend it. Very geared toward families with a water park area and family pool, as well as the beach of course. A driver was arranged and we felt very comfortable with him. The family riding with us had 2 little ones and by the end of the day looked like they had a blast. Well worth the extra money to enjoy a safe, fun family beach/water day.
  15. Check out Resort for a day website for some good options. Did first booking through them last month for Jewel Runaway Bay and all worked out perfectly. Highly recommend this resort, except it is geared more toward families. Super quiet when we were there so felt like we had the place to ourselves but early May so most schools still in session and we were the only ship in falmouth.
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