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  1. Koolaid33

    Nassau in January

    Any suggestions? We have never been to Atlantis. I did read the pools were heated at Atlantis so that's an option if it was a cool day. We will be traveling with a 9 month old. Nassau has never really been my favorite port but we don't want to stay on the ship. Let me know what you think.
  2. Koolaid33

    Car seat needed in St. Thomas?

    We are cruising to St. Thomas and looked about taking one of the safari style trucks to the beach. Do they allow babies? Of course you could not put a car seat in the back of the truck, but was wondering what others have done. Or would we need to bring a car seat and take a normal taxi. We also have stops in San Juan and I know if we want to go out side of Old San Juan we would need a car seat. I am not worried about Grand Turk or Amber Cove as we will not leave the port.
  3. I understand there is a splash pad with standing water and that diapers are not allowed in it. Is there another / smaller splash pad where swim diapers are allowed? I have seen a few posts on this but I don't know if I have ever found the answer.
  4. Looking to take a cruise out of Port Canaveral next year with our one-year-old and was wondering which ship to take. The Breeze and the Harmony both have similar7-day itineraries with the Breeze having one more port day. Prices are similar but the Harmony is a little more expensive on a balcony cabin. Please just let me know what your thoughts are. We have cruise both cruise lines but it has been about 5 years since our last time on Carnival or Royal.
  5. We have cruise several times on different cruise lines but we have a child now and are looking to cruise when she is around 1 year old. I have been reading all about taking a one year old on a cruise and we are excited to share the experience with our DD. I have three different options that we have talked about and wanted to see what yall thought. Option 1- 7 days on Carnival Breeze with 2 sea days ( Like the extra port day) Option 2- 7 days on RCCL Harmony of the Seas 3 sea days ( worried about size of ship and extra sea day, Excited about splash pad for DD.) Option 3 - 5 days on Carnival Sunshine ( Short first cruise, port is near home) Do all ships have an area in the nursery for parent to bring and stay with their child since she will be under 3? Please feel free to add thoughts especially if you have been on one of these ships with a 1 year old. We are looking what is best for our DD.
  6. Koolaid33

    Restaurants in St George's

    Wahoos on Water Street
  7. I wanted to see if any one has been here and how it was? I also was wondering how you got there? Some older post said you had to walk a ways but some of the bus maps show number 6 going right by it. I was looking for something a little different than tobacco bay.
  8. Koolaid33

    Margaritaville on Breakaway

    Any body know how the UBP would work in Margaritaville
  9. Koolaid33

    NCL Free Ferry to St. George???

    I watched it leave this morning and it left right at 9:00 Bermuda time. I did not check back for other times
  10. I have a $100 OBC but I am quickly running out of ways to spend it. We have the UBP and already paid our tips so I did not know if we could use the OBC on the slot machine. Thanks
  11. Koolaid33

    Snorkeling tour

    I was wanted to go snorkeling the last morning of our 3 day stop in Bermuda. I saw NCL offers three tours but was wanting some information on other tours or groups so I did not have to book thought NCL. Or should I book though NCL. I did like the Shipwreck & Coral Reef Snorkel Combo because it said kids must be older than 12. Thanks,