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  1. I know all of the tricks on HAL (embarkation lunch in the MDR, happy hours, clear the mini bar, free spa room) and CCL (drink match plays, get your liquor delivered on the last night) but this will be my first time on Norwegian (Sun). What should an experienced cruiser but first-time Norwegianer know (besides how to spell Norwegianer)?
  2. I've found the water on Carnival to be unpalatable. Is HAL water better?
  3. Literally 99.99% of questions on CC have been asked and answered already. It's a site dedicated to quite possibly the most predictable form of vacation in the history of mankind (not knocking it is, sometimes predictable is EXACTLY what you want). Without repeat questions the site would die overnight. And I also don't think someone should be forced to spend hours reading threads that are at best 80% tangential to the thread title (just like this post). In fact, this would be the first result in future searches about second entree charges and it's just two pages of blabbering nonsense.
  4. Can anyone clue in a HAL noob as to the time of the embarkation day MDR lunch, and what the menu might consist of? I can find breakfast and dinner menus but nothing about the MDR lunch. Is it better quality food than the buffet? We'll be on the Rotterdam next week.
  5. We have always carried our beverages on with us, and have seen other families do so as well. I believe that the official policy is that beverages must be carried on.
  6. What are the prospects of hiring a water taxi from the port up the river dolce to see the castello de san felipe and then hit up some restaurants (El Viajero, etc) on the way back? Approximate cost? We'll be there in early April on the Rotterdam. Thanks!
  7. I have, and I prefer them, but they do not sail out of my home port so I am limited to CCL and RCCL unless I extend my vacation days +2. CCL has always been adequate, I don't mind the people that don't dress up or ever go to the MDR (I DO mind the flip-flops in the MDR though), they can enjoy their vacation as they see fit. The problem is that there are so many of them now (most tables around us in the MDR have been empty our past three cruises) that they are dictating the trends of the cruiseline. The worst part is that they don't realize that they aren't going to get any perks in their favor if the MDR is removed, it will just go away with no replacement (and probably lead to longer lines in their beloved buffet to boot!), with CCL pocketing the savings. What vestiges of cruising would even be left at that point? Some half-assed playlist shows and invisible stewards?
  8. In my twenties it would have made great sense if I could afford it (usually I'd just bring enough booze back in my belly from port to carry me through the evening and drink lightly on the ship). Nowadays, there's no way it would work out for me. I like 3-4 drinks a day maximum, and generally just prefer La Croix around the pool. If I do feel like partying it up I just do it on a port day and drink the local drinks.
  9. I'm a fairly religious scourer of cruise deals since I have a flexible schedule and live in a cruising mecca. But this year I've seen prices jump more than in years past, with no signs that they are coming down. Last year around this time I was able to book several cruises for about $38-45/nt, now there are only a handful of non-repositioning cruises that are $54/nt, most are much higher. Had anyone else noticed this? Any explanations? Higher demand, or...?
  10. I am seeing the best price on a third-party website, my assumption being that they will charge my card. The exact verbiage on the AMEX offer is trips "booked through hollandamerica.com", so I'm not sure if it will fly. The difference in price is about $250 for the trip and the AMEX offer is only for $100 off. I tried going to the end of the booking process and the price never decreased even when I rejected the perks. As I pointed out above, it is a significant difference in price, about $100/pp and another $50 or less in port fees.
  11. I have found some good prices on third party sites for a certain cruise, but I would like to use my AMEX credit on hollandamerica.com. However, the prices on hollandamerica.com are much higher than what I've been quoted on other sites! Is there a way to get hollandamerica.com to price match the third party sites?
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