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  1. Assuming your daughter indeed needs to use her wheelchair fulltime I think your only and best option is to get a private driver. That will not be cheap unfortunately. This company offers transportaton for wheelchairs. Maybe you can include some of your fellow passenger to share the ride to make it more affordable? https://www.accessibletravelnl.com/travel/Tour-Keukenhof-
  2. Thanks Roger for the information re rental car by Arash rental. As our time was limited this was the best option. It worked great, the car was waiting for us at the parking near the terminal, where we dropped it again at the end of the day. . Instructions how to do this were clear, we had no problems with it. Last Thursday we had a great day driving to Valldemosa, Deia, Port Soller, Soller etc. The car we booked was a Opel Mokka, very comfortable for 4 adults. It was one of the best days during our cruise!
  3. Absolutely stay with your all luggage at all times! There is no special place for it. Best is to stay at the platforms near the exits on the collapsable chairs. But be alert during stops that nobody will try and take some of your possesions.
  4. Yes absoluteky safe. However you need transportation to get there, either with them from their office or a cab/Uber to get there.
  5. As far as I know the information isnot correct anymore. It seems bus nr 82 is now busnr 382 and only going to Amsterdam Sloterdijk Station. From Sloterdijk station you can continue by train to Amsterdam Centraal. From the cruiseterminal you need to walk to Camping Duindoorn, which is about a 10 miutes walk. Total traveltime will be about 1 hour and 10 minutes. You can check the actual information on this website: https://9292.nl/en/journeyadvice/ijmuiden_felison-cruise-terminal/station-amsterdam-centraal/departure/2019-08-08T0921
  6. Roger, what can you tell me about the Arran movement? I read about trouble with/against rentalcars, agression against tourists etc. How bad is it realy? We arrive Thursday, have a rental car and want to drive to Valldemosa, Soller etc. with on the way back a stop in town. Of course we hope to have a great day.
  7. No personal experience, it might be rather expensive. However on google I found this company: https://easydaytrip.com/trip-from/chur/to/milan-malpensa-international-airport
  8. This website might help you a little bit. It tell you where Clebrity Edge will as dock tomorrow. http://www.portsdebalears.com/en/buques-en-puerto Although there is a planning, the actual place is known about 24 hours in advance.
  9. You will certainly get all information about docking in Amsterdam when getting your tickets. In general cruiseships dock at the cruiseterminal at Pien Heinkade, not far from Centraal Station and citycenter of Amsterdam. However sometimes when more ships are in port there is an alternative dockingplace far more west in a industrial area. The airport is about 20 minutes or more depending traffic away. You can find all information about that on this website: https://www.ptamsterdam.nl/en/cruises-portal
  10. Post this again at the Western Europe board and you will get more answers.
  11. Both nice hotels. However location of Doubletree is more close to city center. Also it has a bar with great cityview. Movenpick is next to the cruiseterminal.
  12. Yes no problem. Either at Walmart or Famacia Guadalajara
  13. Yes frequently to/from Amsterdam. Leaving and arriving in the same port not always the same location but close. However not sure if NCL has any cruises to/from Amsterdam.
  14. On the airport there is a Sheraton and Hilton Hotel. Close to the airport are a.o. Citizen M, Corendon Village, Ibis and a lot more.
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