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  1. https://live.netcamviewer.nl/Webcam-Kade-PTA/242 and this on with changing pictures https://live.netcamviewer.nl/Havenkantoor-Amsterdam/812
  2. Too bad the departure is delayed till 10.30 pm local time. Of course it will be dark by then,!! Anyway to those on board, have a great cruise.
  3. In front of the ship it looks like one of the tenders in the the water. There is one missing on portside.
  4. Later today the 1st TA will take place of ms Rotterdam sailing from Amsterdam to Ft. Lauderdale. This is planned at 5 pm local time. (This is 11 am EDT) You can check live with 2 different cams. This one is right at the dock: https://live.netcamviewer.nl/Webcam-Kade-PTA/242 Th other is from the port office, the view changes from time to time, but most of the times you will see Rotterdam at the terminal and of course sailing from Amsterdam: https://live.netcamviewer.nl/Havenkantoor-Amsterdam/812
  5. As far as I know Vallarta Adventures still exists. However they will not accept reservations direct if you are on a cruise ship. Maybe you booked through a reseller?
  6. If I remember well there were cabs waiting for passengers, but of course no guarantee and I donot how early they will be there. No personal experience you can check e.g. this website: https://www.rome2rio.com/s/La-Paz-Mexico/Pichilingue-Baja-California-Sur-Mexico
  7. I think you mix up 2 different places. Pichilingue is the port for the town of La Paz. Very likely you can book a shuttle with your cruiseline. Loreto is a tender port and you can walk into the town.
  8. Friends of us today got the message that unfortunately their cruise on board the new ms Rotterdam to Ft. Lauderdale sailing October 20 from Amsterdam is canceled for dutch (and other EU citizens) since the USA has still not yet opened their borders on their arrival beginning of November. A big disappointed to many loyal HAL passengers.
  9. Apart from what Paul already suggested, another option might be the shops in the village of Pitillal, not too far from the cruiseterminal. Around the central plaza and church you will various small shops in the streets. Probably not all made by the shop owner and also donot expect much english spoken there, mostly all spanish.
  10. No personal experience but maybe this site helps you? https://www.bmwd.nl/amsterdam/
  11. Try either the Marriott Hotel in the marina area. https://vallartalifestyles.com/enjoy-a-day-pass-at-marriott-resort-puerto-vallarta/ or the Westin Hotel, also in the Marina. https://www.resortpass.com/hotels/westin-puerto-vallarta Both a short cab ride from the cruise terminal. Check the map give on the Westin link, go to the larger map. See you will where those hotels are situated. Your ship will be across from Sam's/Walmart. It is a bit too far away to walk. The Riu hotels mentioned above are much farther away in Nuevo Vallarta, although their beach is nicer.
  12. At the port you will find special cabs, that charge in US$ and per person. They are the most expensive. Cross the road for a yellow cab at the parking in front of Walmart, but always make your price before entering. Uber cannot pickup at the terminal, you also will need to go outside along the road to order one. On your way back very likely you will need a cab as as far as I know there are no Ubers in Nayarit. That is the state where the Riu hotel in Nuevo Vallarta is situated.
  13. That sounds nice, but donot forget europeans (incl the dutch) are still not allowed to enter the USA since a very long time! No europeans on the HAL or other Alaska cruises unless they stay at least 2 weeks in e.g. Mexico before entering the USA. So why should the dutch make an exemption to cruise passengers? Apart from all that all rules can be very different within a few weeks.
  14. I cannot help you with the trainschedule. However you will see some tour buses at the end of the pier offering return transportation/tickets to Marathon.
  15. PS Sections of town like the cruise terminal, hotelzone and Marina etc. donot have these big problems.
  16. Last night hurricane Nora arrived in Puerto Vallarta. This time unfortunately with a lot of damage to the old centre of town. Not that much by the wind, but by much of the heavy rain in the rivers. For those familiar with the place, the northern bridge over Rio Cuale is partly collapsed, as also one of the buildings next to it. Restaurant Bonito kitchen and Restaurant Incanto both along rio Cuale are more or less gone. Damage is extreme. Traffic in old town will have problems the coming weeks/months. So sad to see the many photos.
  17. PS donot let your friend book you at Vallarta Adventures. Cruise passengers will be back on time at the ship if booked through the ship. VA might have different times back and you might miss the ship!
  18. Yes it is the same place, but you might be on a different shuttle boat to get there. Cruise passengers cannot book direct at Vallarta adventures however.
  19. Check the swiss railway site, lots of information there https://www.sbb.ch/en/home.html
  20. The TA sailing of Rotterdam is no longer mentioned on the HAL website, only the TA of Eurodam.
  21. For your information: Copy: Vallarta will demand vaccines and PCR from cruise passengers Aug 9, 2021, 9:26 Vallarta will demand vaccines and PCR from cruise passengers The Governor of the State, Enrique Alfaro Ramírez , reported that cruise passengers arriving in Puerto Vallarta will not be able to get off the ship, if they do not demonstrate that they are vaccinated, as well as their negative COVID test . In the weekly press conference, the state president indicated that communication has already been established between the state government, the port authorities of Puerto Vallarta , as well as the shipping lines before the return of cruise ships to this city; however, adjustments will be made to health protocols: “For Puerto Vallarta it is very important that the cruise ships return but they must be with absolute security mechanisms. So, if a ship arrives, for someone to get off the ship they should have already gotten on with the vaccine and got off the cruise with the negative test ”. he state president acknowledged that Puerto Vallarta badly needs to receive cruises for its economic reactivation; However, he said, it is necessary to have health protocols to receive passengers: "We just made an assessment with the entire hotel service sector of Vallarta and it seems to us that with the appropriate measures this type of tourism will be made viable for the port, which is badly needed for economic reactivation." As for the airports, he commented that starting this week they will be fine-tuning with the Grupo Aeroportuario del Pacifico the strengthening of health protocols and will be announced in a few more days. It should be remembered that the Integral Port Administration of this city, informed that next August 25 the Carnival Panorama cruise ship will arrive in Puerto Vallarta, with an estimated 70% of its passenger capacity, all adults and crew members, who will already be vaccinated. It may interest you: The Carnival Panorama cruise will arrive in Puerto Vallarta! Likewise, for this month of August the arrival of the cruise ships Noordam and Westerdam, of the Holland American Line; These ships will arrive without tourist passengers on board, and they will only be in the Port to shelter and provide them with the main port services.
  22. In Puerto Vallarta masks are required. (But not all tourists wear them...) Also restaurants can only have 50% occupancy. Most bars are closed.Covid numbers are up and most hospitals are full unfortunately. Of course by October it can be very different.
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