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  1. does anyone know what the tipping standard is for the cabin steward...waiter and bus person / asst, waiter...per day for each...and do we need to go to guest relations and tell them not to ad it to our sea pass acct...that we will be paying them cash at the end of the cruise...thank you in adavnce
  2. has been a number of yrs. since our last cruise...our family is sailing on Allure on March 31st out of Miami...youngest daughter likes to spend time in the gym and she wants to know if RCCL has free Wi-Fi in the gym...thanks in advance
  3. We are sailing on Allure March 31st...Flying in to Fort Lauderdale on Friday afternoon...3 Adults with luggage...what would be the most economical way does not need to be the cheapest way to get from airport in Lauderdale to hotel on Collins Avenue on Miami Beach...thanks in advance...please provide names that we can call for quotes that have been used previously with good results...thx
  4. Trying to figure out any of RCCLs math is a chore...its 50% off of something but god and the CEO are the only ones who know and how the final price is calculated...time for another drink...
  5. Just keep checking couple times a week...that is all i did...struck it lucky yesterday at 44.00...
  6. we were able to get it done earlier today...thanks to everyone for helping...
  7. DELUX was down to 44.00 per day...we had gotten it at 49.00...I Was on the RCCL website today and noticed that for our week on the Allure March 31st out of Miami that the Delux was down to 44.00 per day...4 of us called and cancelled and they re ordered for us on the phone...refund of the previous purchase in 7 to 10 days...saved 82,00 per couple...yippie for the common cruiser
  8. its been a number of yrs, can someone help us out...we have a RCCL Visa card and would ike to redeem our points into OBC for our upcoming Allure trip on March 31st...who do I need to call to get this process started...thanks in advance...
  9. number of yrs. ago I purchase on the cruise critic website some cleat vaynl luggage tags with clear tis...they were pretty cheap...can I still purchase those...please direct me to where I can do this...thx
  10. what are the maintenance issues on Oasis that cancelled our March 31st sailing...no one seems to know or is will to divulge...thx in advance...
  11. thx for the fast reply...will make this request the day we board...not sure if we will have the same cabin attendant or 2 ...for all 6 cabins...
  12. still 49.00 for our sailing Allure 3/31...and 20,00 for the refreshment package
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