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  1. I'm probably not the best person to ask since I knew coming in she was a smaller ship and I was sailing for the itinerary and not the ship. As you know she's an older ship so I guess it all depends on what you enjoy doing. I personally just look at a ship to get me from point A to point B without needing a lot of bells and whistles so I was perfectly content - especially since we had so many port days. Food was okay, service was good, I don't think we saw a single show, buffet was plentiful, musicians in the lobbies were great. I guess the best answer is that I would I definitely sail on her a
  2. Writing it makes me thankful I listened to my inner voice and booked the trip when I did and didn't wait! I feel so badly for the first timers who had their bucket list trips planned ruined by this horrible year.
  3. Thanks Luckynana. It is amazing to see such receding over the years, right? While I loved this tour, I feel like I missed seeing out on so much more of Split bc we just toured these two areas. I guess i need to go back....if we ever get to travel again....🤬
  4. Day 11 of the trip, Day 9 of the cruise - Split, Croatia 8-18-2019 10AM-7PM continued... Again, if you're not a Game of Thrones fan, you'll probably find none of this interesting...lol. After our brief return trip back to port, we simply had to cross a few streets to get to Diocletian's Palace. The Roman Emporer, Dicoletian built the palace in 3 AD - but back then, it was literally built so that ships could sail into the palace. But now, the water has receded so much, it's hard to imagine what it was like back then. While many people tour the palace, it's a
  5. Day 11 of the trip, Day 9 of the cruise - Split, Croatia 8-18-2019 10AM-7PM Next stop....Split, Croatia! This was the only port that I actually booked a Royal Caribbean tour....and that was because Split is a filming location for Game of Thrones! As usual, all tours meet in the theatre and they give you a sticker so you know which tour group to stay with. There were actually two groups and two separate buses and tour guides for this tour. It took quite a while to get everyone together for some reason and we were in fact the last tour to leave the ship. Our first
  6. Day 10 of the trip, Day 8 of the cruise - Venice Day 2 8-17-2019 For our second day in Venice, we decided to just hop on the vaporetto and explore the city again with no plans. As we were on the vaporetto (again taking the long way around through the Guidecca Canal), we decided to check out the island of Guidecca and walk along the sidewalk parallel to the canal before working out way over to St. Mark's Square. It was a nice, less populated walk, albeit less to offer as well - at least, right there on that main drag by the canal. We did not venture back
  7. 🤣 It's coming it's coming. Actually came back today.....Sorry, been having some personal and work issues going on.
  8. What did you think about Ravello? I’ve heard that is a wonderful place to visit as well? Where you going to sail on the Anthem our of Cape Liberty or on another line? No, he didn’t. Now I have to go back. ☺️ Yes, my iphone takes the majority of the picture and then the ones with the date stamp were taken with my hand help point and shoot camera.
  9. You’re very welcome. I read about that. But I’ve been trying to ascertain if the new non-porting in Venice rule applies to ships to embark/disembark, ships that have an overnight, or ships just coming in for the day? I also read - which as you know means nothing lol - that it may only apply to ships over a 80k tons - which I believe the Vision is under so that would mean it could still dock there. Who knows at this point. But I swear I saw itineraries next year with overnights in Venice. That’s what I keep saying! Like pronto! Yeah, I was thinking more like
  10. 💛 I stumbled across, and was reading your review a couple weeks ago. I believe you started in Rome? That was you, right? I still haven't finished it.
  11. Thank you. I think you're probably the one one still reading this review at this point. 🤣
  12. Day 9 of the trip, Day 7 of the cruise - Venice Day 1 8-16-2019 continued.... After we killed an hour walking around, we headed back over Accademia for dinner. The name of the restaurant was Trattoria e Pizzeria - Art Blue Cafe and they had a lovely outdoor seating area. For some reason, I only took these two pictures - maybe bc I was so hungry I forgot. While we were eating, we noticed there was a gondola stop literally within 100 feet from the restaurant. Taking a gondola ride was the ONE thing I HAD to do while in Venice. I mean everyone needs to
  13. I just checked my email from last year. We paid $69.99 (no tips or tax included) for 3 nights specialty restaurant dining on Vision of the Seas last year. As others have said, we tip additionally as well - both on the receipt and in cash as we are aware the what goes on the card may go to people behind the scenes that we don't know about and we want them to get a share as well.
  14. I wouldn't wan't to be out the money either! We did do a tour with Lisbon Riders while we were there. We decided on a private tour since there were 5 of us and it was well worth it. Some people don't think it's worth it to pay for tours but I find it's worth it to pay someone, not only to drive me, but to tell me about the history as well. My friend, and travel agent, booked our airfare for us last year. Since we were on a cruise, they're able to get good rates through their consortium. We flew one way from Charlotte to Barcelona (through Toronto), one way from Barcelona to Li
  15. Day 9 of the trip, Day 7 of the cruise - Venice Day 1 8-16-2019 continued.... Once we got clearance to leave the ship, my bf and I, and Marcia and Kevin, decided to just spend the day walking around Venice and exploring on our own. Having never been to Venice, I found myself a little unsure of things....I knew there was a people mover nearby and that I needed to by a vaporetto pass since we were going to be here for more than 24 hours but I didn't really know where I was going. When all else fails, follow the crowd.....except, the crowd was not heading towards the people mover.
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