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  1. I’ve been on hold over an hour and starting to loose hope they will actually answer. Anyone was able to get through to them? If so what was your wait time on hold?
  2. Hi! We will be docking at La Spezia and looking for ideas for a fun day with Kids (8 and 10) and seniors. We’ve been to Florence, Lucca, Pisa and Cinque Terre before so trying to think of something off the beaten bath. Right now considering going to Cinque Terre (is ferry or train recommended for getting from port?) lunch there and perhaps renting a private boat for sightseeing/swim from the water. Any other ideas that would be fun and not stenosis day for our family? Our interests are Ancient Rome, photography (we love picturesque towns), food, wine, water sports/activities, kids activities. thanks!
  3. That's one of the cruises I am considering 🙂 Definitely doing it right to stay in Rome and Venice, so much to see and do.
  4. I took Anthem of the list. Sounds like both Allure and Explorer will be freshly refurbished with new kids spaces and slides. I was leaning towards Greek cruise on Explorer but now I’m concern reading comment about Santorini. If you book excursion with ship don’t you have priority getting off ship and getting up from the harbor? Allure is still in the running but significantly higher cost.
  5. Hi everyone, I am planning European cruise with family next summer (seniors and 2 kids ages 8 and 10) and trying to decide between the ships - Allure, Anthem or newly refurbished Explorer. Ports are secondary for us, we are familiar with most of them and will enjoy any of them. But want to choose the ship that would be most fun. Criteria's were: - must have waverider (I believe all 3 do?) - must have great food (is one better then other?) - which has the best kids club? - any of them have water slides? - which has the most fun activities for active family Thank you for any comments!
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