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  1. Thanks for you reply Cool Cruiser I checked my credit card the merchant listed is the travel agent
  2. Hi just a question If you booked through a travel agent they have to apply for a refund or can I fill in the refund form hoping that the refund goes directly to me not the travel agent Thanks
  3. Many thanks for all your replies As coming from Australia I now have an idea what to expect 😃
  4. HCI


    Thanks we have no mobility problems Where would we find the best maps
  5. HCI


    Thanks for that CruiserBruce Glad you answered have used you advise a few times Is it easy to do Rome on your own & is the train station back to airport easy to find Thanks
  6. Hi Just after some advice We will depart off ship then taken to the Hilton Garden Inn at Rome Airport to spend the night How do I go about catching the train to Rome from the Airport, then returning to the Airport station to catch the shuttle bus to the Hilton. We would like to explore Rome on our own, would like to know where I can get this info from including some maps Any advice would be great Many Thanks
  7. Hi We will be traveling on the Getaway from New York to Rome in April, can anyone tell what weather we will expect, especially as we have 5 sea days We have never done this cruise before Many thanks
  8. Many thanks for all your help☺️
  9. Hi Has anyone been to the Cirque Dreams & Steam show, (on the Getaway) if so did they have floor or banquette seating, which is the best Is the show worth seeing Many Thanks
  10. Hi Has anyone had they hair coloured on getaway Or there nails done Thanks
  11. Thanks everyone for you thoughts
  12. Getting off the NCL Getaway in Civitavecchia to do a B2B cruise Trying to organize a tour from this port as we have another couple boarding when we arrive in port Does anyone know what time they can drop off there luggage or is there somewhere to store it Many thanks Many Thanks
  13. Hi Will be travelling to Mystery Island & Isle of Pines in December on Ruby Princess Haven't been there for quite a while Just wondering if anyone knows what private tours that are on each island, and the costs also, Which tour is worth doing Quite a few years ago we did the aquarium swim at Ilse of Pines . Which Island is the best for braiding We will be travelling with a 14, 12, 10 they are all very good swimmers Many Thanks
  14. Hi We will be in New York for 2 full days, will be staying in Time Square( we are from Australia) before heading off on a cruise Need advice on what tours to do, as its our first time there What are the must see Thanks
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