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  1. HCI


    Thanks you
  2. HCI


    Hi Travelling on the Norwegian Star for 14 days, do they have special on doing the laundry, does anyone know the costs Many thanks
  3. Will be travelling to the USA, looking for advice as to whether purchasing a sim card is it a good Idea, do the also come with Data. As I will need to the data for Ubers etc I assume using our Australian mobile will be very expensive Wondering if they can be bought at LAX airport Many Thanks
  4. Hi Will be arrive about 8pm at Miami Airport Is the change that shuttle buses or Uber will be waiting for any one that they pick up with out a booking Thanks
  5. HCI

    Uber - can they handle 4 plus luggage?

    Can you pay Uber by cash
  6. HCI


    Many thanks for your replys
  7. HCI


    Hi Any suggestions for a tour that picks up at South Beach for a Everglades tours Thanks
  8. HCI


    We will be cruising on Norwegian Star arrives in Guatemala, looking for a private tour to Antigua, I did find guatemalanguide.com Has anyone used this tour group, my only concern is I know it is a one and half ours one way, as I have never been there before will It be OK to use a private tour and book through the cruise line. Also a tour to Acapulco Many Thanks
  9. HCI

    Uber in the us

    What the Uber gets to rate the customers?
  10. We are travelling to US and will be using Uber cars Does anyone know if I can put my travel card on as payment card, as the card will hold only US dollars. REally didnt want to use my credit card as I will be charged foreign exchange rates Many Thanks
  11. Thank you Carole for you advice :)
  12. I have paid all trip by my credit card:)
  13. Hi Bruin Steve Thanks you for all you advise we have decided to stay at Long Beach at the Hyatt Regency Catch a Uber from the Port Do a tour with Sunseekers one day Then either uber or a shuttle back to LAX I have enquired at the Hyatt several time by email to check to see if they have a late check out, but no reply As I flight does not leave to go back to Sydney unitll 11pm Have you any other suggestion if the Hyatt does do a late check out Many Thanks