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  1. I thought it was very small. There were 2 or 3 sauna/steam rooms. The 1 went into was about the size of an inside cabin. There were maybe 6 heated tile loungers, and a relaxation room (crowded) which is wooden chairs (reminded me of the Titanic deck chairs) with relaxing music.
  2. I was on the same sailing as OP. They are not complimentary but part of the thermal spa. I think there were 6 lounges, a dry sauna, a wet sauna, and a relaxation room.
  3. That was from 2014. MSC doesnt do a very good job with updating their website.
  4. https://scottsingercruises.wordpress.com/2019/11/23/msc-armonia-daily-program-links/
  5. No, I don't see an update from her. But I did find her original post, $100 OBC, 20% FCC.
  6. Us to though, honestly, I'm ok with OBC and future cruise credit. 🙂
  7. She said some OBC and I think future cruise credit. I don't remember the exact amount though.
  8. pokeyjane

    Bad idea ?

    I've had them before. The only problem we had was traffic and people coming around the corner and not looking. At the time, we had a stroller and I can not tell you the number of times people would cruise around that corner and run into us or the amount of kids who would run around it and knock into us trying to get into/out of our room. But noise was never an issue.
  9. Someone on her right now posted this in a facebook group yesterday: Ship is not operating on full power so our stop to Jamaica and Cayman are both postponed by a day and Costa Maya is cancelled!!
  10. I'm crazy confused right now and I'm sure its either a. a simple thing I'm overlooking or b. one of MSCs quirks or errors. So last week, someone was on the Armonia and posted photos of the drink packages. One was 'on board packages' that included Easy, Premium and Premium plus. The other was 'Prepaid Packages' that included Classic, and All-Inclusive Deluxe. In my head, I'm thinking prepaid is what you purchase before you board and on board is what you pay when you purchase when on the ship. However, when I log into my account, the only ones I see to purchase are the Easy, Premium and Premium Plus. I looked last week when it was posted and it showed the same thing, same as when I looked a month ago. Am I missing something?
  11. No, we don't normally do excursions, we stay on board. I like to enjoy a somewhat empty ship while everyone else gets off.
  12. Hi! We are on that sailing too! My boys will be 8 and 4. I'm not much help as I don't think we've ever left them while we went to port, we usually only get off the ship for half an hour if we even get off.
  13. Ocean Cay doesn't open until November so you probably won't see much about it until people start to arrive. Most everything right now will be speculation.
  14. I always think the 'join date' is the posted date.... *rolling eyes*.
  15. What did they end up doing? I'll be on the Armonia for christmas this year, though it is not a sea day.
  16. I didnt ask for photos of kids, but the kids club program, the schedule they give out. And good luck asking MSC anything, they don't know anything.
  17. Can you post a photo or two of the Juniors kids club program?
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