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  1. Exactly. I was not going to board the Facebook Breeze or The Twitter Breeze... I was going to board the Carnival Breeze. Carnival should be ashamed.
  2. My cruise on the Breeze was supposed to leave today. I got an email today saying not to forget my boarding pass. My Carnival page where I log into to manage my cruise says I have 3 hours to departure. So... I know Carnival has my email. I signed up for text alerts. I still have the confirmation text. I HAVE NOT GOT 1 EMAIL OR TEXT FROM CARNIVAL, EXCEPT TO TELL ME TO BRING MY BOARDING PASS. This is unacceptable. This would have been my 17th Carnival Cruise, so I’ve dealt with them for years. There is no excuse.
  3. I miss the Cruise Critic group cruises. We had roll call threads that would get over a thousand posts. Met lots of great people.
  4. I'm on the Sunshine right now, same itinerary. Looking forward to your review.
  5. We are on the Sunshine and got Tervis cups again. This seems to be the default gift, as we have gotten them several times. The beach bags are really nice. Enjoy them. And if Carnival is listening, I always liked the blue 6-pack coolers.
  6. There is an 80's Rock-N-Glow Party with Mikey, tonight on Lido !
  7. I checked all the activities listed on the Hub app. And the closest thing is an 80's music trivia party on Ocean Plaza on the last night of our cruise. If anything happens, I'll post it. Or I'll ask Mikey the Cruise Director.
  8. Yes ! There is a live band in Ocean Plaza most nights. Tonight there is karaoke from 9-Midnight.
  9. You need an Apple HDMI to Lightning adapter. I got mine at Staples for around $40 a few years ago, but I've seen them on eBay for less. And an HDMI cable
  10. The curtain was too short, period. I'm a pretty good self fixer and had tried to see if it was in the wrong slot. Our steward told us they have several different size curtains for newer and older parts of the ship.
  11. The cam is at Fishlips restaurant, and the have a sign on their deck that says "smile", so you know where to wave to.
  12. Imagine hosting a Cruise Critic sponsored cruise and everyone from the roll call makes plans on F**eB**k... That happened to me. The meet and and greet at sail away, a slot pull, and a cabin crawl that I tried to organize turned into one big drinking game by a previous group called the "Miracle Maniacs". I was told by their "leader" that I should just join that social media platform. Ugh.
  13. I spoke to my cabin steward this morning who had no idea that I had gotten the job done. In fact, yesterday, he introduced me to his supervisor who was made aware of the problem, and she never got it done. This is is an example of the simplest things having to run a gauntlet, rather than just being fixed. Carnival happens. A few years back, I had tried to book adjoining balconies at the future cruise desk, but that department didn't know what balconies connected together, but I could access Carnival's own booking site to give the Carnival representative that very information. I ended up telling them what rooms I wanted because they were restricted by their own company of that information which I got from their booking site.
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