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  1. Itineraries and pricing are available for all to see (only through October 2020 or so though). No info on how you book, just a popup saying "see your email if you put down a deposit", but nothing in my email :)
  2. Website is open to review itineraries and price, but no email yet telling us how to book. Nothing catching my attention that I feel like paying for, refund time for me as well I guess. Pity, fan of the Virgin brand but just not feeling it for Virgin Voyages.
  3. Received email today with the link to the cabin info and also a link to destinations. Cuba (as previously announced) Costa Maya Peurto Plato - Dominican Republic and one still TBD Sounds like 4/5 night itineraries not 7 night though ?
  4. Email today revealed some more .. Costa Maya and Puerto Plato in the Dominican Republic, almost seems like they are going to be doing 5/5/4 night rotation instead of 7 night cruises though. Talks about 4 and 5 night Cuba and 5 night Costa Maya or Peurto Plato .... it also leaves a little bait with "one more destination still to be announced though".
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