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  1. I would say that if you enjoy dressing up, go ahead and do it. Even if it turns out the majority aren't (you did ask "will most ladies be dressed up" - maybe not "most"), I have found enough people still dress up that you won't feel like you totally stick out. I wore a kind of dressy-dress on the photo-with-the-captain night (whatever they call it now), and my husband wore his tuxedo. Yes, I think he was the only one in a tux that night (or any night), but we had fun. We were going to have our own second dress-up night later in the cruise, but got a little lazy about it. I did wear a nicer top and very sparkly earrings on our other "date night" in a specialty restaurant. I did observe some women in sparkly cocktail dresses on some other random evenings, out & about the ship and also in the lounge/nightclub.
  2. Wow, that was very groovy! Thanks, MSUjohn! Fortunately the mime was long gone by the time I sailed her, LOL!
  3. They do post the menu right outside the MDR door each day early in the day. Not much advance notice, I know, but I have gone by early in the day to see what's being served if I am debating eating elsewhere (or thinking about the option of changing reservations around).
  4. SS Norway Jewel Escape Jade Norwegian Sea Breakaway
  5. My suspicion is that if it's just a cold you would not be denied boarding. IIRC, the health form asks about gastrointestinal issues and fever. My impression was that they are looking for people with GI issues along with fever - not really the same as a nasty cold. What they do concerning the people who answer yes to both of those questions, I really don't know.
  6. For breakfast I sometimes go to the MDR, but it seems I have better luck with the breakfast food being hot at the buffet. I usually eat dinner in the MDR, and sometimes lunch as well. But on the NCL ships, the food at the Indian station in the buffet has always been very good in my experience, and I am sure to visit that for some meals at least a few times during a cruise. The other main reason has been touched on by others - sometimes when returning from port, especially when being very active and/or not having a good opportunity for a meal on shore, it's nice to grab a snack in the buffet to tide me over to dinnertime.
  7. Yes, that female solo gave me shivers up my spine too, it was so amazing! My friends & I enjoyed "After Midnight" so much we went twice. I recommend it to anyone who has even the slightest interest in dance and in the music of that era and/or good musicianship. "Choir of Man" was either for a fee or wasn't available when I was on the Escape - I didn't see that one.
  8. As of January 2019, the most (in)famous jewelry store had the free charms, and other jewelry stores had freebies too. I got a couple of free pairs of earrings that I really like on my last cruise. This was in the Caribbean. We are are always very direct when we come into the shop and tell them something like "we're not serious shoppers and would like the free charm" - they nearly always take us directly to the back counter (or wherever the free charm is) and get it for us immediately, and then tell us to please feel free to look around. We are also told immediately if they are out of the free charms. We thank them politely either way, and sometimes do take a quick look at the displays. We have never had a hard sell or a long wait.
  9. Well...Bermuda is not in the Bahamas. But the drinking age in Bermuda is 18. 🙂
  10. I put it in my pocket. On the two or three nights I may be wearing something without pockets, I put it in a small wristlet/purse. I put that on my lap, and just put my napkin over the top of it when I put my napkin on my lap. Haven't ever had it fall off my lap. I refuse to put my purse on the floor, and it doesn't seem quite right to put it on the table. (If I were using a larger purse that wasn't a crossbody, I'd use a purse hook - I have used them in the past "landside" - they work quite well.)
  11. I hope he is still on the Dawn when I cruise in January! He was the CD on the Jade on my cruise about a year ago. It was the first time I ever was so impressed by a CD that I actually remembered his name. (Or any of the senior staff's names, to be honest.)
  12. Great Stirrup is a private island that is actually owned by NCL. Food there is free, and if you have the beverage package, alcoholic beverages are free too. Harvest Caye isn't quite the same - it seems like a private island, but because NCL is leasing it, the food and drink must be purchased from the vendors there - no free food and drink. You can get to the mainland without booking an excursion, but you still have to pay for the ferry. --I was posting at same time as ColeThornton.
  13. I am a two cup a day tea drinker at home. I may average using 1 or 2 tea bags per day per cruise. I always try the iced tea too, but sometimes it's not so great 😜 Sometimes there is one dispenser that has better iced tea than the others.
  14. I found sailing out of New Orleans to be very pleasant. We booked a stay via VRBO in an apartment near the French Quarter. We arrived on a late afternoon flight. Took Uber to the apartment, walked to a place to have dinner, walked up and down Bourbon Street, took a late night trip on the St Charles streetcar all the way to the end of the line and back (it was fun even though it was dark and couldn't see super well). In the morning we walked to a place for breakfast, took Uber to the port, boarded ship fairly early. At sailaway, we enjoyed being out on deck watching our ship pull away from the dock and stayed out for a while watching the sunset and the city and bridge recede into the distance. Going down the river was interesting to watch. After a while, we went inside for dinner and the show. I think I wound up paying tax on one drink, and we don't use the casino, so the delay in getting to international waters didn't really affect us much. I would be happy to sail out of New Orleans again.
  15. Two cruises! The more cruises, the better. 🙂
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