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  1. Agreed. Watching the fare is essential. We had three price drops between booking and final payment. Price came down about $3000 Canadian with added incentives—air credit, gratuities, etc. I expect the price to drop after final payment much of the time and am happy if I can negotiate OBC.
  2. Doesn’t work for everyone. We wanted connecting staterooms—in particular the Neptune suite connecting to a VF. There are only two such configurations on the ship. Booking early was the only option. I agree though—if you can wait and be flexible with a stateroom and know you can secure good air, waiting can be a good move.
  3. I turned down the future cruise credit and managed to negotiate $1400 in onboard credit. It pays to try.
  4. We sail to Alaska in August. There has been a significant price drop on both our VF and Neptune Suite. Called HAL. They offered about $1275 CAD in future cruise credit. Said I’d think about it. Truthfully, I’d prefer OBC for this cruise. The future cruise credit is not necessarily useful to me. How can I negotiate this to my benefit?
  5. That’s too bad. We almost always use the mdr for lunch and not for dinner when we travel Celebrity and Cunard. We prefer it to the chaos of the Lido and really don’t like the MDR at dinner. Will have to figure something else out. We are in a Neptune suite. Perhaps lunch on the verandah? Any other quiet lunch venues? We are on Nieuw Amsterdam.
  6. We are booked in a NS in August. I booked it way ahead though, as we also booked the connecting VF cabin for our kids. This will be our third trip to Alaska. One of my favourite places. Thanks for the review. It really helps to see all the pictures. That aft cabin will be lovely. Did you do any in room dining?
  7. This sounds wonderful! I booked with Steve a year in advance. We will finally meet him in August. I am so looking forward to the whale watch. We are a family of five so we will be on our own. My kids were four, four and nine on our last whale watch. At 10, 10 and 15 now, I’m hoping this is something they remember forever. He seems like such a kind, genuine person via correspondence.
  8. If our ship calls in Oslo, will we sail in or out (or both) via a scenic fjord? I know is Oslofjord, but not certain if it is directly linked to a stop in Oslo.
  9. Who are these online agencies?
  10. I spoke with an agent today. Her price was exactly the same as HAL’s online price. What’s the point? I can book with HAL and control my reservation. Maybe I need to find a better agent?
  11. Thank you. I wasn’t clear on that.
  12. So I just call up HAL and add this code to my booking made onboard to double the OBC? Or can I book when I get home?
  13. Thank you. I guess there is no harm in booking now and comparing once onboard. We need two connecting cabins so booking early is usually essential.
  14. We are booked for Alaska in August. I’m eyeing Norway for the end of August 2020. Is there a benefit to waiting until we are on board to book? We are one star Mariners due to sailing with Carnival years and years ago. This Alaska cruise will be our first HAL trip.
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