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  1. Hey there, apologies in advance if this is a stupid question or has been asked in the past. We will be on the Harmony Western Caribbean sailing out of Port Canaveral on March 1st, and spring forward (DST) is set to happen on March 8th, the morning of disembarkation. In the past, has RCCL set the clocks forward earlier in the cruise in order to avoid confusion on the last day, or do they just remind everyone the night before to set their clocks forward?
  2. Apologies if this is an obvious question, but are there free-to-use lounge chairs on South Beach / Chill Island in addition to the pricy day bed and cabana rentals? You mentioned that you can still enter these areas without a rental - are there beach chairs to use here or is it meant to be a pay-only beach?
  3. While I wasn't the biggest fan of Carnival, I also wouldn't shy away from cruising with them again if the price was right. You do have to adjust your expectations, since the MDR food was not the same level of quality as RCCL, and I found the activities to be somewhat lacking. However, there were things my group enjoyed more with Carnival - they've got some great casual dining options on the newer ships (we thoroughly enjoyed the Blue Iguana Cantina and Guy's Burger Joint) and our cabin felt very spacious and well appointed (though this was on the newest ship at the time, so not sure about olde
  4. I can't speak to the Quantum class ships, as I haven't been on one either, but speaking just for myself, I'll never do a cruise leaving from New York in the winter again. We were on the Explorer of the Seas for a 9 day cruise from Cape Liberty in March 2010, and the weather did not cooperate. We had a big snow storm in New York the day before that made us almost miss our cruise by minutes (even though we were flying in the day before), we had snow on the deck almost to the day we arrived in Florida, and the seas were the worst we've ever seen them. We're all seasoned cruisers, but even we were
  5. Hi there all, We're going to be going on our first Oasis-class cruise this March, and on the app I noticed that there is a theme listed for each night in the windjammer. I was pleasantly surprised by this, since on the last RCL cruise we went on a few years back, I didn't notice any real themes in the windjammer when we passed through one night to the next. Can someone tell me if they actually adhere to this, or if it's just like one or two items that change? Additionally, I seem to remember a late-night chocolate buffet that RCCL used to do a few years ago (if i'm thinking of the r
  6. If you want to try something different and avoid the seaweed, you could try taking an excursion to Bacalar lagoon. I haven't been yet myself, but we've booked an excursion there for when we go in March. It's a huge freshwater lagoon popular for swimming, with crystal-clear water, surrounded by cenotes of varying depths. I believe there is an old fort nearby as well.
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