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  1. No never with Cunard loads of times when flying everything Rummaged through by TSA and shoved back in any old into have left in my lifetime loads of things behind in hotel rooms/hire cars so maybe you didn't pack it - its easily done call them up and tell them
  2. Reposting this as cant believe still only 2019 lecturers shown! anybody have any ideas when 2020 will get uploaded (probably on a foreign Cunard domain &/or a busted web link when u click on it)
  3. They book up so quickly that it’s a real hard job to get one When my partner relocated to the UK from USA we looked into it for out cocker spaniel who was 10 at that point. We didn't want the trauma of him flying at that age All sold out etc so when I contacted our Cunard Voyage Specialist (remember them!) He told us as soon as the the voyages go on sale (12/18 months in the future etc) the kennels go within minutes and then they start a waiting list So with heavy heart poor chap had to fly - it was fine though albeit scary. He got here and when I picked him up at LHR he was fine. Sadly lost him January 2019 aged 15 1/2 Hope you find a way
  4. I did the package for the chocolates; champagne and flowers for my partners birthday Yes it wasn't cheap for what it was but we wouldn't have ordered flowers for the room and champagne BUT we have photos of it for life and my partner was bkown away with it So enjoy it Its like anything in life - If YOU feel its worth buying etc then do it as there will always be someone who does NOT think its worth it. Happy cruising
  5. Hi Anybody know if there is a list yet for 2020 (probably buried away in the notorious website in an obscure place!) Thanks
  6. My mum is a coeliac and has now been on 5 cruises with us on Cunard. The main Britannia restaurant on the first night you tell them and they will advise what they can adapt for you that night. They then will give you tomorrow nights menu and you select what you want and 99% of the time they concur they can/will adapt. They maitre d will collect it before you leave the dining room and confirm your selections Breakfast in the main dining room you advise you need gluten free and the sort out the toast etc. Just be careful with poached/scrambled eggs as it comes on small circles of toast and one day my mother was served it and is convinced it wasn't gluten free so she now asks for the eggs without Afternoon tea in the queens room you say when the waiter/waitress arrives that you need gluten free. They then sort you out. Sometimes its all fresh and sometimes its shrink wrapped. Last couple of years seems more of the shrink wrap Buffet we found QM2 had a section with gluten free and it wasn't as good a selection as Elizabeth/Victoria that had separate counters for bread etc but the hot food was in with the main counters but marked gluten free They in the buffet branded biscuits/crackers/cakes/cereals etc You will be fine My mother says yes the shrink wrapped stuff sometimes is disappointing but the main dining room for the evening meal is amazing. She says she can put up with the shrink wrap as the evening is always amazing. They make gluten free pastry for dishes etc and you can probably count on one hand the number of times they say “we cant make that g/f” As for cross contamination in the kitchens etc - who knows! But outside ones own house you can never guarantee that
  7. Amanda Reid for me - head and shoulders above all others. IMHO epitomizes Cunard
  8. My partner is American and seems some cruises they take his passport some they don't. Never seems, although I’m sure there is, any logic to it When the do he just ensures he has a photocopy either on him or left in our room and carries his UK drivers licence
  9. Sums up their lame website and their constant messing around with formal night now lets call it gala; semi formal,now causal etc etc
  10. Im not in the older crowd demographic yet. Done 13 cruises now with Cunard and love the seeing up part. Nothing personal to those who don't want to dress up - chose another cruise line. Don't want to deal with kids then don't pick say a Disney cruise Don’t want water slides and chaos by the pool then don't chose Carnival Don’t need to carry on I don't understand why people book knowing the dress code then go on line citing the dress code should be changed; Cunard need to move with the times etc. etc. Just got back from 5 night to Brussels/Guernsey and the Britannia was packed every night with people dressed and every time I went through the Lido it wasn’t by any means busy. Everyone was enjoying dressing up and its the highlight IMHO I’m glad you enjoyed it without dressing up and yes as you’ve shown you can do Cunard without dressing up
  11. Elizabeth has no sliding roof on winter garden whereas Victoria does. However, and this is just what i was told (so dont shoot me down if Im wrong) by a bar tender that post refit the opening mechanism on Victoria has been permanently set to shut. He thinks they had a daily “dispute” with one passenger wanting it opne the another eanting it closed etc so the decision was taken to just close it. Very little difference between the two ships now thta club has been installed in Victoria i prefer the lighter colour scheme of Elizabeth but thats just me
  12. Hi there I’m hoping so one can help me please. Im on q919f which is San Francisco to Fort Lauderdale July 2019. So first stop is LA and that segement is Q920 Checking into whether I needed any jabs and Ask cunard shows 2019 Yellow fever vaccination is a mandatory requirement for Q920. A valid International Certificate of Vaccination is required for those on board for the overnight in Panama and subsequent port (Q920). Makes no mention of q919f! So I headed to voyage personliser and it says “may need” as under Yellow Fever As the recommended advice is frequently updated you should check with your travel clinic 6 weeks before departure as Yellow Fever Vaccination may be required for your ports of call. Yellow Fever A valid International Certificate of Vaccination may be required for those on board Queen Elizabeth for the call to Panama as it is required for entry to subsequent ports and must be taken to the ship. This needs to be the original certificate which must be fully completed, signed and stamped by a Medical Practitioner. The vaccination must be given 10 days before entering a yellow fever area in order for it to be effective and valid. If yellow fever vaccination is contraindicated for medical reasons an exemption can be issued by your Medical Practitioner and this must be brought with you to the ship. Local Port Health Officials will then decide if a vaccination waiver can be issued. The exemption should be either detailed in a headed letter or recorded in the International Certificate of Vaccination. It should be signed by the clinician and include the Practice stamp. Guests without the correct documentation will be denied boarding. So I was going to call them but then thought their own website shows 2 different things so how do I know what they say ont he phone is right! Does anyone who has been through the Panama Canal get the jab etc? Im thinking that I may just go get the jab as this is a special holiday for us (my big 50) so I want a stressfree holiday no big fights at check in etc etc Oh and that new Cunard website is dreadful. I hate it!
  13. Ditto - call them up they can sort it out.my partner had a USA account being American and so did I by default using his address when booking. When he relocated to the UK we both got ours changed over and all cruises logged
  14. Hey we are on this one as just fancied a short trip Done a few short ones and definitely think they are worth it especially this ones it is 5 nights-some one 2 night one and it didn’t feel long enough.3 is great 4 is better and 5 is better still (of course 5+ is even better!) We booked last year and the price was great and I always compare it to a 5 night hotel + food and in this case it was a billy bargain I find as soon as I’m on board I’m relaxed etc and it feels like a real proper holiday and you get treated no differently than on a longer cruise Do it!
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