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  1. hylasgirl

    Akaroa Harbour questions

    Thank you so much everyone! I'll check all of this out. I appreciate the responses.
  2. Hi all... does anyone have any recommendations on things to do in this port? It looks beautiful but having a hard time finding things. I'd LOVE to do something active... SUP'ing or bike tour. Anyone have any experience with this port? Also, where exactly do we go into on the tenders?
  3. hylasgirl

    Getting a Good Flight Price

    You did very well on your pricing. We usually fly Delta no matter what... living in SLC and all. But to go to Auckland there was just no easy way and I was NO WAY flying to SYD first and then backtracking. If it's Delta equipment, it's the only choice. That is a great price... especially from where you are departing. I would never book a domestic flight without an hour layover and depending on the international connection, I could need well over 2 hours. That said, I have terribly long layovers for this New Zealand cruise. Uggg. Good job on your flights! Have a great time!
  4. Does anyone have a recommended transfer company I can reserve to get to the cruise port? There are 3 of us ladies :). Would a taxi be cheaper? I'm thinking with luggage and all, we may need something a bit larger than a standard taxi. Thanks!
  5. hylasgirl

    Getting a Good Flight Price

    Is this for 2 of you?
  6. hylasgirl

    Getting a Good Flight Price

    Very few Delta flights are letting you upgrade after buying economy seats with miles now. It's very frustrating. What cost us $159 last year to BCN, now the ticket is more than twice as much as econo to fly PE. It looks like they are kind of reinventing the class, but they are going to have to do a lot more than offer drinks and priority boarding to what the PE cabin is now. Their international PE cabin is ridiculous. And this is coming from someone who loves Delta. I just booked flights for our NZ/Australia cruise and we can't do anything with Delta that makes sense. I'm not flying to SYD first to backtrack back to New Zealand. After terrible options and pricing, we bit the bullet and paid for nice Air NewZealand flights going from SLC to SFO to AUK... all premium economy and the seats look soooo much better than we've ever had on Delta's PE.
  7. hylasgirl

    Auckland Day Tour questions.

    Excellent info. I will get ahold of them for my trip in January :). Thanks!
  8. hylasgirl

    Boarding in Singapore

    Awesome! Thanks guys! I'll plan to be there at noon then!
  9. hylasgirl

    Boarding in Singapore

    Does anyone have any experience with how early we can board the ship in Singapore? We'll be sailing on the Volendam on December 6th.. after the dry dock so no one will be coming off. Thoughts? I was thinking of getting there at noon.
  10. Any info on if they discount the Elite package if you buy before boarding?
  11. I guess I just don't get the appeal of the beverage cards... for us it's going to be the same credit card used at the end of the cruise anyway. We don't buy anything but drinks and the gratuities added at the end of the cruise.
  12. I'm the same with a drink package usually... but this one is a bit on the expensive side with a limit tied to it. I'm thinking with the happy hour deals each day, we would be better off just buying as we go. Does anyone know the answer to the question about the discount on the Elite package? Thanks again!
  13. hylasgirl

    Drink package question

    Thank you. That's what I'm thinking too. If I can figure out the happy hour deals and bars, I think I'll be better off without the package.
  14. hylasgirl

    Charge on board for cash advance

    Great info. For me, I just don't want to carry that much cash over to Asia for my 14 day cruise. We have many of our tours that want US dollars for payment. I would LOVE to do this casino thing instead for some of the money needed.
  15. hylasgirl

    Fort Lauderdale

    I think Casablanca is one of the best places along the beach. I lived nearby so even as a local I loved going there. I just moved last year and I miss it.