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  1. Awesome. Thank you so much.
  2. Wow... nobody has a suggestion for a private tour out of the Catania port?
  3. Hi! I am looking for a recommendation for a private tour from this port. Thanks so much!
  4. Does anyone have a recommendation on a private tour out of Livorno with a company that is not just a driver but a tour guide as well? It seems like most companies are mostly drivers only. Thanks!
  5. Thank you Blackshirt. Well, today I can see the 1 device. I did not see it the other day on Cruise Planner. The difference between the two makes the 2 devices a good deal and we may likely need to be on at the same time (work stuff) so not a bad deal overall. Thank you for your response.
  6. Thank you for the responses. Just to clarify, like I mentioned in my original post, I usually sail Celebrity. I have read that Royal doesn't give me the same perks as I get with them..... hence this post. Also... the Cruise Planner mentions that I get TWO devices per person... not one. So my question was, can me and my cabin mate share the package for 1 and both of use our own ONE device? There was no option for VOOM for 1 device. It was for 2 devices. And in response to discounted items with my status.... does Royal give us coupons like Celebrity does? Like laundry and wifi? If so, I'll wait on the internet, but I read somewhere that they don't give as great as coupons as Celebrity does.
  7. I haven't sailed RCCL in quite some time. I'm used to Celebrity where my status gets me free wifi. In the Cruise Planner I'm seeing the price for the Voom package and it says two devices. So... can my husband and I just buy for one person and both of us sign up one device? I don't do a lot of online activity but thought it looked affordable if only one of us purchased. Thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  8. Hi all... does anyone have any recommendations on things to do in this port? It looks beautiful but having a hard time finding things. I'd LOVE to do something active... SUP'ing or bike tour. Anyone have any experience with this port? Also, where exactly do we go into on the tenders?
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