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  1. Did you mean to post this on the HAL board? You should post this on the Oceania board or the Alaska port of call board.
  2. It was the Embassy Suites on Rue Street. It was very nice and my room was spotless. The Embassy was near the Notre Dame Basilica. I had planned to walk over to see it the morning of embarkation but it was raining fairly hard, so I scrapped that plan and just got a taxi to the pier. There are also some interesting boutique hotels close to the pier that looked nice online. I was last minute booking my cruise so many of those were sold out or sky high in price. I booked on my own and not through HAL.
  3. You might also check and see if you could pre-order water to be in your cabin when you arrive. It would be more expensive than what you could pick up at the grocery, but would let you eliminate one of the heavier items from your carry ons.
  4. I did this cruise on the Veendam last October from Montreal to Ft. Lauderdale. I haven't sailed on the other two ships but have been on the Veendam twice and had good experiences both times. She is an older ship without the bells and whistles of the newer models but she suited me just fine and the crew was fabulous! The Explorations Cafe is a nice area with a coffee bar (for extra $), library, games and seating. So nice to grab a coffee and relax in one of the chairs by the windows and watch the scenery. The one issue on my cruises (and one that has been mentioned several times on this board) is that one of the elevators in the aft bank was not working. I have heard that the elevators are going to be repaired in the Veendam's upcoming dry dock so that should be corrected. I was only able to fly in the day before the cruise started, so I didn't get much time in Montreal to sightsee. My hotel was only a few blocks from the terminal and embarkation was a breeze. I was only in the check in line for maybe 5-10 minutes. Boarding had started so was able to go right to my cabin.
  5. That is the funniest thing I have ever read! My glasses of blue, red, mandarin and green curacao are raised to you. Well done, Mr Huntington-Smythe, III.
  6. Are most of you taking longer cruises or do you have friends & family sailing with you that makes your business more attractive to these agencies? Since I'm still working most of my cruises are the 7 day variety and I'm usually cruising solo. I probably average 2 cruises a year. I cruise mostly balconies, but occasionally a suite if I see a good deal. Will I have any traction with agencies?
  7. Some people have said that they are able to navigate better if they try different internet browsers, like Chrome or Firefox. I haven't tried that yet. But it seems counterproductive to have a website that won't work with almost any browser.
  8. I have that same spinning ball problem when I try to choose a cabin when I'm using my iPad which is several years old. If I use my desktop with IE I'm sometimes able to get past it to choose section, deck and cabin. It's certainly a frustrating process.
  9. To add to what Crew News and Kazu said, I also like the library on the smaller ships. Still stocked with some interesting reads and just a nice space to relax and watch the scenery go by. The coffee shop is also in that space, so it's great to grab a coffee and read for a while.
  10. When I was on the Veendam last October, I received my cabin assignment at 10 days out. I have heard that it can be as late as when you arrive at the pier, but that was not the case for me.
  11. I wonder if the situation developed so quickly that passengers were not able to return to the cabin to retrieve their essentials? I read a post on the ongoing thread on the Viking board that someone's relative had tried to enter their cabin (an ov or balcony, I think) to get their passport but were unable to do so because the cabin was so trashed. I quite agree with with you on the importance of listening closely during the drill!
  12. What a terrifying situation!! I hope all are taken to safety soon and the injured passengers have a swift recovery. I know I will be doubling my attention at muster drill on my next cruise. You hope you never need the information, but this shows that bad situations can and do develop.
  13. I don't think Ruth's comments were in any way mean to the OP. Its just helpful on a "breaking news" type topic if all comments and information are kept in one thread. Much easier than trying to sift through 3, 4 or 5 threads.
  14. Absolutely worth it - especially for an aft balcony! Milestone birthdays deserve a little extra celebration. And balconies are a nice way to have a private retreat and a place for reflection. I cruise solo most of the time now also since my husband passed several years ago and I have had a balcony for most of those cruises. I do agree with OlsSalt about lanai cabins. They are perfect for one and the promenade is right outside your door. I had one on my last cruise. I don't think they have them on the NS, though I could be mistaken.
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