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  1. That's a great idea, Paradiselivin1. I'm sooo stealing this for my Antarctic cruise next year!
  2. Thank you gottagocit, lois1112, and holidayhelen for sharing your cruise with us! Hope that fog lifts for you and you have wonderful viewing in Antarctica and the rest of your cruise continues to have great weather.
  3. Azbirdmom, what a unique picture of the iceberg! Lovely! Thanks to all of you for sharing your trip and photos with us! It's making it very hard to wait until next Dec for my turn.
  4. Wiusa, all of your photos are spectacular! This sunset may be the best of all!
  5. Thank you for that explanation, erber. It sounds like a pretty full day just getting through the airport!
  6. Thank you for posting those! What a wonderful adventure you had! I'm taking the same route next December and it was great to "ride along" with you! I do have a question. When you disembarked in San Antonio did you do the ships transfer to the airport or did you do an excursion on the way? It looks like most of the return flights don't leave until 9:00 pm so it would be great to see a little of Chile before leaving.
  7. So disappointed for you that you will only get 2 days in Antarctica. Maybe a slight silver lining to this cloud will be the more scenic route nearer the coast if the weather isn't too bad. Maybe you will get to see some Chilean glaciers. Keeping my fingers crossed for all of you.
  8. That's a great idea! I will do that also. So much more convenient keeping it on my phone than trying to keep up with paper
  9. Thanks Vampiress, it's good to know it shows there also. I did notice the onboard services page only shows the latest addition (which makes sense since I bought those services). The travel summary shows both the original 3FF bennies & the BSE addition.
  10. Thank you for taking the time to do updates. I'm doing this cruise next year so I'm interested in all the information o can get. So sorry to hear your stop in Puntas Arenas was cancelled. How great that you will get another chance on the next leg of you B2B. Here's wishing you nice weather for the rest of your ports & Antarctica viewing.
  11. Thank you hobbyfarmer2! I never would have thought to do that. Both the wifi & drink pkg are listed there along with the 3FF goodies. So all is well!
  12. I just called and added on the drink pkg/wifi for my cruise next Dec. Is there somewhere on the confirmation I received that I should see these noted? I see the cruise costs ($25 pd x 2 x 16 d) went up by the correct amt and I see the original amenities listed from the 3 for free promo but I dont see drinks/wifi listed at all. I checked the cruise personalized and dont see it there either.
  13. Is it still true that "Photos, floor plan diagrams, and amenities represent the typical arrangements" of any balcony cabin on any Princess ship?
  14. Well, I'm a happy cruiser! I booked a South America/Antarctica cruise for Dec 2020 a little over a week ago. Normally, I wouldn't check the cruise fare again so soon, but for some reason today I did. The price had dropped over $900 and still had the 3 for Free included. You'd better believe I dialed Princess as fast as I could and got re-fared. The Princess rep I talked to was as excited as I was. I think I did lose the Specialty dining promotion, but that's no biggie when the savings is that big. Here's hoping some of you also see a nice price drop.
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