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  1. Not everyone can just get notarized letters from other parents when the other parent is deployed to the Middle East because they are special forces and never home or available to do anything. So I do what works for my children and I and have not had any problems in not having letters from anyone. There are many reasons why a person might not be able to just get a notarized letters stating whatever you think it is supposed to say. For me, I do have on file legal documents that state that I have the right to do this or that but I never bring that as I never have had to. I always look at what req
  2. We leave this weekend for a cruise to Spain. I am nervous about possibly not being able to port but am also excited to be going on vacation. I love cruising and I love travel in general. I am taking my children with me so I am concerned about their safety but I am not canceling our travels because we want to go still. I have bought and am taking every precaution that I can to protect against illness and such. We are booked for another cruise that is porting out of Italy in November. We shall see what happens closer to that time before we make any rash decisions about cancelling that one.
  3. I contacted Royal Caribbean about this very issue and they gave me a letter from corporate that stated that I did not need any letter as long as I was a parent to the child traveling with me. I travel extensively around the world with my children and have never been questioned about their father or any paperwork regarding them traveling with me solely. I am a mother that travels with my kids quite a bit and to different continents and have never encountered any problems. It's up to you to have any necessary paperwork or requirements that will be needed for travel with the kiddos. Do what you f
  4. Same happened to me. I can't seem to re-add it either as it says it is already added although it's not showing up anymore. I am just going to keep my reservation receipt and wait it out.
  5. Are there any solo passengers going on the March 1,2020 transatlantic cruise? I would love to meet up a few times to do some exploring of the ships and attending some shows and such. If not, that's fine. I am just really excited to do my first transatlantic cruise!!! Wow.....
  6. This exact thing happened to me. I was really upset because the cruise literally dropped by $400. I was frustrated and the lazy TA, told me the cruise line was refusing to honor the price. I call her lazy because of the fact that she never mentioned that she could upgrade my room. It was only after contacting royal Caribbean myself that they advised me that the TA should try and get me an upgrade that I found out about this option. I then had to proceed to pretty much do everything myself and prayed for everything to work out. In the end I was able to upgrade my room to an ultra spacious balco
  7. The medallion is not an up charge and is included in your cruise fare. Loved the medallion when I went on princess. The internet was great but the service was lacking.
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