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  1. Love that view, in a way the most exciting part of the embarkation is the waiting area next to the gangway. At least for the anticipation part!
  2. I believe the article was based on a survey of employees. I don't think the survey was meant for anything else. In a survey it does NOT mean anything as to what I think as I am not an employee. The results represent the opinions of the employees surveyed. I have spoke to many employees over the course of many cruises and have learned a lot of a completely different way of life. I am very impressed with the work ethic and devotion to family that I've seen. Just my humble opinion.
  3. Thank you, you know I stared at the sentence as it looked wrong. Should have looked up the correct spelling. I was thinking Carnivale as that was a Carnival ship and it fit the theme.
  4. We very much enjoyed your review. Completely understand the rational for the 4 day vs 7 day regarding the cost. We have cruised many times and the ports do overlap, different excursions are a great way to completely discover a new(repeat) port. Have a great weekend!
  5. Just my two cents, I bet it will be Carnival (like in Rio). It just seems to be the theme.
  6. Hang in there, it's only 11 hours. Then you're off work!
  7. Yep, we are neighbors, I think Folsom is only two hours give or take from us. We have two cruises before this one but getting excited about the new Mardi Gras. Plus, we love Port Canaveral also. We spend a couple of days in Coco Beach prior to the cruise. Have a good day.
  8. We booked the Miracle 11 day, August 9. Has it sold out? We love the idea of Carnival porting in Nor. Cal. Hope it catches on.
  9. Could not agree more, we are also Platinum and continue to be amazed at the P and D party. I am glad you had a good trip, we have been on the Conquest twice loved it, and would book again. Have a great day.
  10. That makes sense, thanks. I honestly never put a lot of thought into it except for the return time of an excursion. Thanks again.
  11. Seeing all the different answers, it does appear that the whole ship time vs port time is a management decision. I always thought that it is based on the route/itinerary. We have had several where you change and many that you don't. The Splendor through the Panama Canal trip had a few changes, but that's to be expected. We'll find out for ourselves in January on the Panorama. Have a good day!
  12. We have sailed this itinerary 3 times, always stayed on pacific time.
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