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  1. We went through this a few years back, I called my PVP and it was taken care of fairly easily.
  2. THANK YOU so much for the reviews and something to look forward to. I am so sick and tired of the current affairs, this provides hope THANK YOU!!!
  3. Could not agree more, this is a terrible illness and we won't know the true effects for years, however, we certainly can estimate the near term effects now and they are not good. I will cruise again with Carnival. There are many repercussions to the actions already taken.
  4. I read a preliminary report regarding the antibodies test in SC County, sounds promising. The test involved 3000 people. News outlets are publishing the report. Google it. Have a good night.
  5. Carnival Panorama January 6, 2020. Great ship and wonderful cruise. Had the Miracle 11 day Alaska in August but that was out of San Francisco and all SF cruises have been cancelled for 2020.
  6. B2B in late January on the Mardi Gras, if it's finished.
  7. That is very interesting, we were on the Splendor Miami to Long Beach a few years ago. They had a person on the bridge the entire day as a "Tour Guide" explaining the process, history etc. I didn't catch that info. Thanks!!
  8. Great Review, it reminded us of a Great Cruise. We will be on the Panorama again!!
  9. We will be following, we were on this cruise with you. It was outstanding!!
  10. My wife bought me the Smoking/BBQ course. (May not be the correct title). It was a lot of fun, they gave us the stirring spatula thing, but you don't keep the apron, you can buy one in the Fun Shops. Highly recommend attending a lot of fun.
  11. Just off the Panorama yesterday, it was a great Cruise!! Your review was a lot of help. Thank You!!
  12. Hope you had a Merry Christmas, we'll see you soon, is Ken Burns the Maitre D? Just curious. Thank You and Happy New Year!!
  13. We call this a "strategic reserve" I do the same thing.
  14. Thanks again, great review, we board in a week and have enjoyed cruising with you. Have a great New Year.
  15. Agreed, I'm not any kind of expert regarding boats, but it took the collision well. The Glory is doing well also.
  16. What an awesome review, what a wonderful trip. We board on th 4th of January. Thank You for a great review. Merry Christmas!!
  17. I'm sorry, I must have worded it wrong. Does this ship with this damage need to be repaired out of the water? Could the work be accomplished at a ship yard. I understand that dry dock facilities can be in use. There are ship yards in many ports.
  18. Just an honest question, no snarkiness, why a dry dock when the damage is well above the water line? This appears cosmetic with maybe some secondary structural components. Just curious.
  19. They certainly could add a performance bond clause in the contract. Similar to a large construction project has, this isn't always a punitive action, but an incentive that delivery dates are reasonable and achievable for the project. The contractor and receiver are covered.
  20. Wow, disappointing for sure. A ship that holds 6000 people and multiply that by 8. That is a lot of emails. We are somewhat concerned, however our booking is a few months after the new ETA.
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