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  1. Like others, I've done it by calling and cancelling verbally. They of course send a follow-up email confirming its cancelled. Just a word of... not warning, but a good to know... every time I cancel, the try to book my on another cruise. Not in a pushy way, just more of a "Oh, we understand that this may not work for you, have you thought of another time you'd like to cruise instead?"
  2. Cleaning out the cookies fixes it for me if it happens repeatedly and doesn't fix itself on a refresh.
  3. I've found that the pricing not available does come up for me; I usually just hit reload and then they appear. Sometimes, too, cabin selection doesn't appear even after prices do. For that, I need to hit back on the browser and start over with selecting the number of occupants of the room, etc.
  4. I got one of the "email back to accept" and I emailed with the question of what rooms were available. Got an email back later that day saying "We currently have (list of 14 or so) rooms available, but they are going fast." I passed on the upsell, but you can, if you ask, get a list of rooms. Or at least I did, as we all know, your luck may vary with who you get at Princess.
  5. I would say there's normally lots of seats, but my wife and I like to arrive about 30 minutes ahead and read, just to be sure. Depends on your tolerance for not getting a seat / getting a less good seat than you might like.
  6. We are considering going to Gumbalimba Nature Park on our upcoming cruise. It says the monkeys like to steal sunglasses; I presume they might also steal regular glasses? My wife is blind without her glasses; is this likely to be trouble? Just trying to figure out if we should pass on this one. Thanks in advance.
  7. Admittedly I haven't tried the canapes, but I think you'd be far better off going to one of the specialty restaurants for an anniversary celebration.
  8. Darn. I'm on a slightly later in February cruise hoping inside to balcony might be $99, which I would do. Sounds like that won't happen though.
  9. My wife and I did it. You definitely get to interact with the stingrays and feed them. Its very informal and you take your own pictures (we weren't sure at first if there would be a photographer as there have been at other wildlife encounters we've done). They are very careful about how you move in the water, so as not to potentially harm the rays (you need to sort of shuffle around). It still seemed very "new" when we went, so it may have evolved since we did it. Its right near the tender dock.
  10. Princess actually has a page for it now? https://www.princess.com/ships-and-experience/ships/products/dining-included/gigis-pizzeria.html
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