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  1. We had the same. We asked about the free water and were told no. We had to pay for the water. I know we should get free bottled water as we booked from the USA but I didn't want to make a fuss so just paid. Just don't understand how they can promise things but not deliver just to save on a few cents.
  2. This is what I thought too but I can tell you that sometimes MSC does enforce the suggested embarkation time. Maybe it all depends on the embarkation port. On our last cruise out of Southampton (just few weeks ago), we had a boarding time of 14:30 and we were not allowed to board earlier than that. We were not even allowed to enter the departure building and we had to wait in the arrival hall area until around 14:15 before we could go over to the departure building.
  3. Please report back after your cruise whether or not you have received the vouchers. We have the same statement on our e-tickets saying that 12 vouchers will be included. Very curious to know if they will honour it.
  4. I may have a noshow in my party for our upcoming cruise. Can I get the DSC removed for this noshow passenger ?
  5. According to the Hamburg port info, we will dock at the Steinwerder cruise terminal. This is for the Preziosa. This terminal seems to be located furthest out and difficult to get to and that is why we want to know more about the process and timings so we can decide whether we can go to the city or not and prebook any transport.
  6. We have booked 2 cruises B2B at Hamburg and I am wondering how the process will be and the timings. The ship arrives at 7am and leaves at 9pm that day. I think we need to get off and then get on again as new passengers (also need to change cabin) and we would also need to attend the drill again. (not sure if that will happen on the day itself as departure is scheduled late at 9pm) If we want to book anything for Hamburg on that day (transport to city or excursions), what time would be safe to book ? Has anyone done this and can share their experience ? TIA
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