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  1. How is it legal for us to purchase one product and be delivered something different?
  2. 5:30 for most. Teppanyaki I was able to book at 5:15, and Ocean Blue I couldn't get before 6.
  3. On our Bliss sailing Havana is 7:30 and 10:00 and Jersey Boys is 7:30 and 10:30. We do dinner at 5:30 before the 7:30 show.
  4. The other Floatplane company was Mountain Air Service.
  5. It's funny you say that, as we are hoping of the same, but want to reserve this so we have something we want to see. This looks like a great itinerary and Ive heard great things about the Escape. We are still holding out that the rest of the 2020 itineraries will show in the next 2 weeks. Last year they showed up early May.
  6. Any word on confirming no thermal spa. Was hoping they might add something smaller scale, but not expecting it.
  7. Yes, sure its Rostock. All cruises in 2020 go to Warnemunde but this one. These dates work best, but was wondering if it was a good itinerary with the change in port.
  8. We are looking at a Baltic Cruise on NCL and there are two itineraries for the Escape. Identical except one docks in Warnemunde and one docks in Rostock. The Itinerary docking in Rostock is very slightly higher in price. Is one preferred over the other? Thanks!
  9. Do you have precheck or clear? That would also expedite security screening.
  10. Did they reschedule your flight with your permission, or did they just change it?
  11. Could you take the Chunnel or fly easyjet and still go see Normandy with the extra days?
  12. I was on the Pearl for an Alaskan cruise and loved the weekly thermal spa pass. As the poster stated above, regular and heated loungers, great locker room , steam room and sauna. Seemed quiet and never overcrowded, a quiet escape to retreat to.
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