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  1. Nationwide Cruise Choice. You can buy up until final payment for an additional cost and get 75% back if you cancel.
  2. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/news/coronavirus-set-near-panic-among-travelers-del-rio-says
  3. I’ve noticed many suites on the sailing out of Southampton that were sold out are now available.
  4. This seems insane to me. Since when do you buy an insurance policy and the company can change the rules when they decide it might be too expensive for them. Maybe the affected cruisers need to lawyer up and start challenging this. If I have a policy and its not in the documents, I don't see how that is legal or ethical.
  5. I called and talked to the Nationwide claims department who reviewed the policy. She said that we would be covered medically if we were to need medical care during our trip. There are no pandemic/epidimic exclusions in the policy documents.
  6. I purchased Nationwide Cruise Choice policy with CFAR today for a cruise this summer in Europe. (Have 10 days I review it) I picked it because it was the only insurance with cancel for any reason and preexisting condition Waiver Available if purchased before final payment. I am trying to figure out if it will cover us medically? There is no mention of pandemic or epidemic in the exclusions, so does that mean we would be covered? This is all so confusing!
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