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  1. Have a cruise on Anthem in October. Did My Time dining and went in and made reservations each night for a specific time slot via the cruise planner. Got the email invoice from RC that shows all the times. A few weeks later (today) I checked "My Calendar" and all of our My Time dining times say "at your leisure"? On cruises before it always had the time slot you picked. Anyone know why this is?
  2. Hello, we are staying at the Marriott at Newark Airport the night before. Want to confirm, Uber is allowed to drop off/pick up at Cape Liberty Cruise terminal? Second question, best way to get from EWR to the 9/11 memorial in the city?
  3. Very nice. I am on the April 12 nine day ABC cruise.
  4. 70 dollars a day for the top end price? Fool to pay that. On a typical 7 night EC cruise with 3 port calls in which you'll likely be off ship most of the day and not getting anywhere near that 70 dollar break even point, they are making easy money off you. Done with the beverage package.
  5. App functionality has ceased. Tapatalk also no longer works. Everyone now must go through their web browser. Welcome to 1999.
  6. So new cruise countdown clocks are gone, CC apps on Apple and Android are gone. Wow.... great update.
  7. Not having the Android app will definitely curtail my forum viewing. It's 2018 and this website is going backwards. Bad move on admins part.
  8. I'm on the April 2019 ABC cruise. What's getting done during the dry dock? Sent from my SM-T550 using Forums mobile app
  9. We did the ice show and it was good. The bright spot was the excursions. We did the glacier/salmon bake, the train ride (we upgraded to the luxury car and it was so worth it) and the whale watching in Victoria. Apparently we lucked out on the whale watching. We wound up seeing half of the remaining Orca's (so sad) left about 35 on the day we were out there. First time apparently all season that many were there. But for the awesome excursions, the ship was a bust. Miami really needs to address the issues on Explorer.
  10. This person speaks the truth! Wife and I just did the same on EOS. Waited 45 minutes in MDR and got a few shrimp for my app. Ummm, no. WJ had the crepe station one night as well. Lots of different stations and choices in WJ. We went at 730pm each night and it was not busy at all. The people walking around from RC in the WJ are more attentive, got us drinks, etc... Much much more pleasurable experience. And we did things on our time and not MDR time which is bloody ridiculous.
  11. Last week the wife and I did the Explorer's last Alaska 7 night of the season. This was our 3rd RCCL. Previously we did a 15 night TA on Brilliance in April of this year and a 7 night WC on Oasis last year. Must say, the MDR service compared to the last two (we do My Time dining with reservations made prior to sailing) was terrible. The last two cruises the MDR service was fantastic in all respects. In fact after the first two nights we simply stopped going and went to WJ. For some reason we only saw the assistant waiter twice on the second night and that was it. Probably why my water glass sat empty for an hour (I kept track, it was literally an hour with nothing to drink). Took close to 45 minutes to get our appetizers from when we sat down. This was on night 1 and 2. The head waiter looked like he was way overwhelmed. I even asked him if he was working by himself as I saw him doing the drinks and bread as well. Don't really know what was going on but there were a lot of people just sitting and waiting and waiting..... We made this know in the mid-cruise survey but decided to not go back. Another lacking venue on this ship was the entertainment. Again, the difference between Brilliance in April and this one was incredible. The CD on Explorer, Graham and his activities direction, some lady named "Icy" did not do very well at all. "Icy" put on a James Bond themed show one night in which she was supposed to sign, guess.... James Bond themed songs. While she did sing some. others had nothing to do with the franchise. But it would have been okay if not for the fact that the poor woman cannot sing. It appears in lieu of RCCL hiring talent, they are using people that think they can sing on the cheap I suppose. The nightly feature shows had the Explorer in-house singers on night 6 and 7. They had one male lead singer that was so terrible that I have literally seen better at a high school recital. It was bad, really bad. The cast had a Latin couple that were really good dancers but the rest....wow, not good. The CD, Graham Seymour puts on some British Rock show one night. It consisted of him with a electric guitar (which I don't believe was hooked up to anything) and 4 women dressed in these cheesy outfits all standing on the upper walkway of the promenade. Graham is screeching out songs in his best tone-deaf manner and they are moving around....just a bloody disaster. The entertainment on this ship needs to be scrapped and redone. Between Graham and "Icy", they are doing RCCL no favors in our opinion, although I will say Graham does have a witty sense of humor. I told the wife I thought RCCL must have forgotten about this single ship up here in Alaska and someone from Miami needs to get here and redo things. Contrast this to the on-board talent that RCCL had under contract on Brilliance and it was night and day. Amazing the quality is so starkly different from one ship to the next. It will be a while before we go on this ship again.
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