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  1. With Coco Cay now up and running with the pier and the improvements still in the pipeline, I forsee RC doing away with Labadee permanently. No reason to have it anymore. Labadee was started way before Coco Cay was around. Will help RC bottom line dumping it. I was never impressed with it and Coco Cay blows it away.
  2. Ooofff, these first world problems... By the way, nice clickbait title.
  3. I'm aviation oriented and have been their before. For sure not there for the beach itself but appreciate the advice.
  4. We are on Symphony in late November. Our Antigua stop got switched to St. Maarten. Happy about that. Does anyone know where to find up to date info on whether we are allowed to go independent in ports or if you are forced to take RCCL excursions only? We are vaxxed and want to hire a taxi to get to Sunset Beach for the day. Thanks
  5. Nevermind, got it sorted. Mods - please delete.
  6. Trying to book two appoints for rapid antigen test at our local CVS. They have two options to choose from... 1. PCR / NAAT 2. Rapid test result Which one is the antigen? I thought PCR / NAAT were two different things but on the CVS site, they are combined as one option with rapid test result the second option. Don't want to book the wrong one prior to embarkation day. Thanks
  7. I ordered this for my wife and I. Put both our names in the online form. But how does it work when we both go to do the test? Do we each have to download the app and then have separate sessions?
  8. I wish RCCL would offer a rapid antigen at the pier for vaccinated guests. I would pay for it just to avoid the stress of having to source the test on my own somewhere.
  9. Did you have to sign for it or do they drop it at the door? Also, I put mine and my wife's information in when I ordered them. But does she now need to go to the emed website and create her own account to get the test done?
  10. I did not see on the Nomi website where they do the antigen test. Is that option available only after you pick at time and hit the "schedule" button?
  11. Did just that, went back to pharmacy we had it done at and took all of 5 minutes to get a new card with correct name. Thank you all!
  12. Thanks, planning on bringing her old passport that shows her maiden name along with the new one just in case.
  13. Question for any that may have run into this already. My wife's CDC vaccine record has the name that is on her insurance, for example, Jane Doe. However, her married name and the name on her passport and on the RCCL booking is Jane Doe Smith. Smith being her married, hyphenated name. Obviously the date of births match but the name on the CDC card does not have Smith listed on it. On the RCCL FAQ it states in part, The Proof of Vaccination must include the name of the vaccinated person matching the registered cruise guest with date of birth (DoB). My question is this, do you think this will be an issue on embarkation day? Has anyone run into this particular issue?
  14. A phone call does you no good. You need written proof either via hardcopy or on your phone or you will be denied boarding.
  15. Testing sites are getting so busy that most appointments are booked everywhere for the next 5 days. Looks like you need to start looking a minimum of a week out.
  16. October 3rd sailing Indy to Odyssey. Have new cabin assignment and shows up in app. Only thing that sucks is they swapped Grand Cayman for Nassau on last full day.
  17. I sail on Indy Oct 3rd. Got the email Friday it a as moved to Odyssey out of FLL.
  18. I feel bad for the RC staff onboard the ships that will have to monitor and control the vaxxed vs. the unvaxxed vis-a-vis, the different protocols between the groups. This being America, I forsee the unvaxxed after 1 day forgoing masks, social distancing and everything else, especially when at the bars. Typically the anti-vaxxers are also the anti-maskers. They scream your violating their "rights" and it's all "fake" and no worse than the flu. They dare anyone to infringe on their God given rights while yelling `Merica!. I forsee many verbal altercations between vaxxed and unvaccinated people. Human dynamics of who we have become in this nation over the last year in this highly divided country will play out on these cruises. It's going to be a mess unfortunately.
  19. American media barely registers anything happening in Singapore. Now, say 5 positive Covid cases on a RCCL ship pulling into Miami? There will be news helicopters trying not to hit each other filming its every move.
  20. No worries, by September at the latest RCCL will have Covid outbreak on one of their ships due to this policy. Media will pounce, images of people in biohazard suits escorting people off the ship will be broadcast nationwide. RCCL will change their policy overnight for fear of being being shutdown by the CDC.
  21. Same for us. We did a JS because they had the double points promotion going. So we get 4 points per night now. So now we are on a JS on Odyssey.
  22. Just got the email from RCCL for our October 6th sailing. Getting automatically moved from Indy to Odyssey. Happy about this change. I will call to complain only if I get a lower deck.
  23. Interesting. FLL is an hour closer drive over MIA and a new ship so I hope we get auto moved. How do they allocate a cabin as they are different types of ships? We booked balcony and high up, forward. I wonder if they try to match what you had...
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