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  1. I for one am not surprised at the new protocols. TBH I was going to implement these new protocols on myself anyway just for peace of mind. Heck, I’ve already been in a self imposed quarantine for 3 weeks now anyway in preparation for my cruise on 9/18/21. For those of us who anticipated the change in protocols and made adjustments to our expectations ahead of time this is okay.
  2. Ok Joe, we will agree to disagree then. I choose to believe the “opinion” of two people who paid a premium to book a Havana room & are on the ship now and are vlogging about their experience and the experience of the passengers also staying in Havana that they have spoken to. Apparently the pool was too cold to use yesterday. That would have been a big issue for me that I wouldn’t have been able to overlook.
  3. We ARE paying an upcharge for the Havana pool and when you have no one in said pool because it’s freezing 🥶 (watch the video) in August, in the Caribbean and on a sea day then obviously 🙄 there’s an issue with the pool’s heater that needs to be addressed!
  4. Carnival has a pay menu for room service breakfast don’t they? Couldn’t you just order a breakfast sandwich and tell them not to make a sandwich out of it and just bring the items separately?
  5. I know right?!?! The furniture in Chibang looks like fast food chain meets IKEA.
  6. So apparently the Havana bath tub, oops pool is not heated on a sea day and thus empty?!?!? If I was paying an upcharge I would be LIVID right about now… And Serenity is a cluster and as windy as ever… some things never change with Carnival. Wish they would have considered a Serenity solarium with a small upcharge.
  7. No I’m just going to try it on my own. Not sure if it’s required but it can’t hurt just to try it and see if it’s doable.
  8. I’m going to at least try to get off the ship masked in all ports on my 9/18/21 cruise. I will try it in Cabo and see how it goes 😉 I need to buy some more hand blown glasses from the glass factory so just taking a cab there and back to ship.
  9. Nice! Panorama is not on the list ☺️ Mexican Riviera still a go!
  10. I had a friend in a cabana on Vista 7/10/21 and he said they came around to his. On Panorama they did not in the past. Panorama does have service buttons though in Havana outdoor area that even Mardi Gras doesn’t have though 😜
  11. @Qchell There is a breakfast and lunch buffet served in Ocean Plaza that is adjacent to Havana on Vista class ships and it is very easy to walk Fromm your Havana cabin over to Ocean Plaza. I suspect this is the reason they do not offer food in the Havana Bar like on Sunshine.
  12. ragen, you said you weren’t surprised by the announcement because you knew in advance the docking schedule and these 3 ships were not on it. I think if you had a gut feeling in advance and have a PVP you could have avoided some of the disappointment by putting a deposit with your PVP on a plan B sailing for the same time frame (Sept/October) with the stipulation that if the cruise was cancelled your PVP would roll the funds over to the plan B cruise or if it wasn’t cancelled get your deposit back on the plan B cruise. That’s what I did with my PVP.
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