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  1. Yes they will but they won’t want to hang out there. I’m taking my 13 year old stepson in August and there is no way it will keep his interest more than 2 hours max. My 27 year old son says Havana is for old people and he couldn’t hang there for too long.
  2. this on on your TV though 😳🤩
  3. I heard the people using the area after 7 PM were abusing the area. A few bad apples on multiple occasions that required a clean up crew.
  4. Glad you asked as I just had a go with Carnival about this same exact issue. I am cruising with my boyfriend and his 12 year old son in 3 weeks and we are all in the same cabin and the 12 year old is third guest. We have $50.00 OBC. My boyfriend and I are going dutch. He is paying for him and his son and I am paying for myself. With that being said I requested that the OBC be split evenly between my an my boyfriend's booking since the kid obviously is not paying for his booking. I was told multiple times for multiple reps that they cannot split the OBC equally between the first and second guests in a cabin. They can only split it evenly three ways when there are three people in a cabin. I was told I would literally need to go to guest services once on board the ship and request the split of OBC between my boyfriend and I once on board. UGH, what a hassle. I hope this answers your question. The last rep that told me this was Briana with a mapper ID of "bru" and it was confirm by Kristen her supervisor who has a mapper ID of "K1Y".
  5. Love your review! Quick question, does the glass shop in Ensenada sell hand blown glasses? If so, what is the name? im sailing on Inspiration in June and got FTTF, what time do you recommend getting to the terminal with FTTF? Thanks, Bethany
  6. I only do Mexican Riviera because I hate humidity. Not sure if I would be able to do a cruise in a humid climate. I hear the water is so much nicer but the humidity though... For me personally the choice would be based on the time of year. In other words, I would choose the Horizon if I could book it during a non-hurricane, un-humid time of year. Is there such a time frame and if so would it fit your schedule?
  7. UGH 😑 that’s exactly what I was afraid of. So inconvenient to have an outside bar with no outside bar service. I am not sure why they do this on Vista class ships as it doesn’t make any sense to have a brand new beautiful bar with no one serving from it. Thanks for responding as my question was for you and not for Jim.
  8. Why couldn’t you use the outside bar in January? Is it because you were not staying in a Havana Cabin or was it because there was no outside service?
  9. I believe it depends on what side of the ship your cabin is on. From the videos I have seen, the secret staircase for short cut access downstairs through the Havana Bar is only on Port side as the hallway on Starboard side is marked "Crew Only" and is blocked off. For this reason I would never sail Havana starboard side. I can't believe someone actually came up with that idea and it was executed but whatever, I am not the one building ships. But talk about dumb right? Easy access for anyone booked port side though.
  10. Thanks Jen, so sweet of you to keep me in mind for clamshell feedback on your next cruise. our hot tub in my community is only about 90 degrees at best so it sounds like I will be happy. i can’t wait to hear about your next cruise. I’m like you, Havana all day everyday and my 27 year old son who will be staying with me in the Havana Cabana will be doing his best to avoid me as he peruses single females in other areas of the ship, so I’ll be solo 90% of the time. Cheers, Bethany
  11. Thanks Jen for taking the time to answer my questions. That was very nice of you. 7 AM is a bit early for me unless I’m a chair hog and I’m not. I like your analogy of economy + so I will keep that in mind the entire time. I think it might be a good idea to be very generous with tips at the Havana Bar as well as Alchemy Bar and just maybe that might make a difference for service quality. So I will budget for 5x more tips and see what it gets me. I will divorce myself from my expectations and just stick with economy + for Havana overall. The hot tubs in the 100s sound DEVINE though.
  12. Yikes, sailing on Panorama on 12/28/19 for the New Year cruise and in Havana Cabana 5238 (2nd closest to the Havana Pool area. My questions are as follows: 1, I specifically booked two years in advance and the closest I could get to the Havana Pool area in the event I needed to fight for a clam shell early in the morning. How early did you have to be out there to get a clam shell in Havana? 2. Did you have FTTF? Is this something you would recommend paying extra for to get on board faster the first day for lunch seating options? 3. I LOVE LOVE LOVE dancing Salsa - as I am so good at it, especially when I am lit. Since I am going to be lit for the majority of the cruise I plan on spending all nights at the Havana Bar. How crowded does the seating area and dance floor get at night starting at say 9 PM? 4. How long were the lines for Pig & Anchor Lunch? 5. Related to question 1 - were the Havana SPAS ever filled with say more than 4 people in them at any given time during the day? If so, what would you say was peak time for the hot tubs? 6. Did you ever find it crowded in the Havana pool area in general? If so, when was it crowded? 7, Havana Outside Bar Service - VERY< VERY VERY important = all the pictures and videos I see of the outside bar show that no one is bar-tending and it looks vacated. Does anyone every tend bar back there? Does the Havana outside area have wait staff so you can order a drink from your lounger or cabana? If the outside bar is in fact unattended all the time with no bartender, do you have to get up, go inside and order a drink from the inside of the bar? 8. Did you visit the Alchemy Bar at all and if so, how do the drinks compare to the Havana Bar? 9. How long does it take to get a drink from the Havana Bar at night? 10. Is the Havana Pool heated? It is colder cruising out of Los Angeles than it is in Miami and a lot less humid so I need heat. Also are the hot tubs hotter than bathwater and if not did you find you could request that they raise the temp? 11. The music in Havana Bar at night - is it just live bands or is there a DJ too? Live music - more than one band? How was the live music - was it good Salsa or just meh? Did the live band/DJ take song requests? 12, You may or may not know the answer to this question - the sliding patio doors on the Havana Cabanas - do they unlock from the outside or do you have to walk all the way around to the inside to get back inside your cabin? Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.
  13. Just called and was told that the ETA on the site being back up is tomorrow.
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