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  1. I saw this posted from another thread discussing drinks: http://nclrecipes.com/frontend/recipe/recipe_list
  2. I'm from Halifax, so this makes me pretty happy to see :D Sent from my iPad using Forums
  3. Dining on NCL works just like any restaurant you'd typically go to. You're welcome to make a reservation for any of the restaurants for the time that works best for you and your party. Reservations can be made starting 90 days prior to your cruise date. Alternatively, you can skip the reservations and just show up - but you may have to wait to be seated. Really, Freestyle just means that the events and venues on the ship function like their "real world" counterparts :) Sent from my iPad using Forums
  4. That would really depend on your personal usage, but if you're doing more photo-heavy things, you'll want at least 300MB. If you plan to use your phone, I would suggest you clear your Usage statistics and monitor them over the next few days of regular use. That should give you a better idea of the data you'll need. I would definitely get the 1000MB for myself, but I'm a data hog haha :) Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. This is great news :D I'm a self-professed technophile, so I'm pretty addicted to my data connection, hehe. I hope this gets rolled out to the Getaway before my trip in November. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. If you look at the deck maps, you'll see the balcony rooms will have an series of indentations in the wall. The deepest of these is where the bed is. For example, take a look at cabin 10160: The deepest indent is closest to the balcony, so bed is placed there. Alternatively, right above in 10158, the bed would be in the middle of the cabin. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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