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  1. Cortrans and goport are not operating yet. Cruise Control is and Corey was wonderful, so we are all set! Thank you!
  2. We are blessed to be sailing on the Allure simulation cruise July 27-29. We are staying the night of the 26th at an airport hotel. I am having a hard time finding a transfer company that is currently operating on those dates and Royal is not offering transfers. Can anyone local or who has been in Orlando recently advise how easy it is to get a Lyft or Uber to the port (and back on the 29th)? Or, does anyone know of a shuttle service currently operating MCO to Port Canaveral round trip? I don't want to wind up stranded. Thanks!
  3. Thanks everyone. I did reach back out to the company and they did process a refund last week. They were able to obtain an SBA loan. So, I am thankful that they are able to stay in business and I would not hesitate to book with them again when we reschedule our Alaska cruise. These are crazy times and we really are all in it together. 🙂
  4. Just wondering if anyone has been able to obtain a refund from this company? We prepaid over $700 for a private transfer for July 3rd and cancelled a month ago. There should have been no penalty. They sent an email reply that they are unable to provide a refund due to their financial situation and encouraged me to dispute the charge on my credit card. AX says they will not dispute it since the charge is more than 60 days old. My fear is that the company will just go out of business and reopen under another name, keeping our $700. They did not offer to provide the service for us at a later date. Anyone else have a similar situation or any advise?
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