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  1. Thanks all for confirming! I did a little zooming on some photos I took during our 2016 trip as I was making my post and was nearly certain I saw a starboard door as well. We have been in deck 6 aft area twice and deck 5 a little closer to mid ships once. Have booked deck 6 starboard again with the same thought about the kids drop off area brought up by Vic. In 2016 we took great advantage of being able to walk out the (port side) door and enjoy sail always and the deck on nice days. Good also to know about the dining room access as one of us has some mobility challenges.
  2. One more: we were last on in 2016 and remember accessing our table at the rear of Britannia via the D stairway. Is that still possible or is the Britannia Club occupying that space and therefore you must access via C stairway?
  3. We’ve been on QM2 a few times but having trouble remembering while making a booking. Is access out the aft of deck 6 onto the deck with loungers and Minnows pool just as easy from port and starboard sides?
  4. My opinion here is my mom and you paid a premium on Edge to have an infinity veranda over regular - not to mention we felt like the mobility advantaged of Edge (incl. the veranda without a lip, magic carpet tenders, etc.) made for a much better experience for a handicapped cruiser. If not handicapped, a person could have selected a regular 1A/1B/1C on Edge (there are no HC 1A/B/C cabins on Edge) and saved money. I can appreciate Silhouette doesn’t have the infinity veranda and moreover want to make sure she’s got what she needs to be able to travel. I guess given the inconvenience feel if her/
  5. Yikes. Didn’t mention but my mom is handicapped and we had an HC cabin on Edge. I looked closer at Silhouette deck plans and don’t see HC cabins in 1A, 1B, or 1C. So would have to downgrade to 2B.
  6. Yes, they are having Edge do 7 day sailings instead. We got a message that we have until December 1 to essentially lift and shift to Silhouette same date, or some other sailing at prevailing rate. At first they said all would be at prevailing rate but sent a follow up after the outcry.
  7. We are booked (or were) for Edge on March 7 2022. We have an infinite Veranda (E1 category). Given the revised statement from Celebrity says rebook in the same category on Silhouette with price protection, does anyone know how that is handled since there is no E1 on Silhouette? Do we get C1? Surely not 1A since we were not in 1A in Edge. FV/SV actually are lower than Concierge class on the listing of categories but I know often priced higher. Unfortunately haven’t been able to get ahold of our rep at Celebrity so wondering if others have been through it.
  8. Yes, in the Haven your butler will bring you whatever you like. If it is an item from a specialty restaurant, however, I have read that you will have to pay the charge for it.
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