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  1. i stand corrected, as i didn't bother to see your receipt. But to my point, offers vary by individual, and what i stated seems to be the norm. Most comped cruises come with casino credit? Mine do, but i have yet to get AI with my comped cruises. Actually if you call BC you get different answers to these questions depending on who you talk to. I've requested cabin upgrades and told that it is not available, only to call back a day later and get my upgrade. Congrats on your deal!
  2. if it is a discounted BC booking you get AI, If it is a comped (free) cruise you do not
  3. Actually you are incorrect the Maitre d actually brought my wife a menu and she ordered from it . Other times he would offer suggestions that weren't on any of the menus. My wife is a very picky eater, and does get tired of their famous"airline chicken" Her food was prompt and warm. this is exactly why we choose AQ
  4. Interesting we almost exclusively cruise AQ on S class ships, and my wife has ALWAYS been able to order off menu in Blu. They are extremely flexible to an individuals needs/desires. I find the sommelier's in Blu to be very attentive as well., as compared to almost non existent in the MDR
  5. Since we do mostly longer cruises, i put my balcony to use daily. Wouldn't be interested , DEAL BREAKER!
  6. i couldn't agree more!! Haven't been in years For us it has turned into a trip to the "Buffet", fighting for their share of free "cheap" booze. Enjoy the Sunset bar with a nice glass of wine from Cellar Masters,thats were we can be found. Always got a kick outa watching people head to the dining room, cocktail in each hand as they leave the CC HH!!!! Now with AI, are we going to see this happening all over the ship? LOL
  7. My personal experience, for what it's worth: comped (free) cruise: zero extras (except free drinks in the casino, free play) discounted cruise: AI applies Cabin upgrades: subjective, as it depends on who you talk to @ BC, as I've called multiple times and had varying responses. It pays to call back.
  8. pricing will stabilize eventually. Prices always fluctuate. i usually get my price adjusted no fewer than 3 times before sailing. Book early to get preferred cabin, then watch for price declines.....very happy with this process. I am also not interested in the newer ships due to the infinite verandas, JMHO
  9. No issues here crew vaccinated Me vaccinated Sign me up!
  10. whens the last time you tried to get a drink at the Elite cocktail hour??? the fact that there are so many repeat cruisers is the main reason they did away with the drink cuopons I do admit it was a pain to remember to bring them, so that was a good move. i would estimate a lot fewer, especially on the longer cruises. My last TA seemed like 90% range , most Elite and above, All riding the slow boat home from Europe My favorite, as it beats flying home!!!
  11. ALL companies that transport people, goods, ect. have fuel surcharge programs in place. this has been common practice for many years.Whether or not they are implemented is an individual business decision. It is a safety valve in the event fuel costs skyrocket. we utilize this line item in my business.
  12. possibly a captains club upgrade?? Blue Chip comped cruises do not have AI Blue Chip discounted cruises do have AI I've booked both in the past.
  13. Honestly, i do not believe you are missing out on much. The only time i wish to hear from Celebrity is when it's time to "check in" or pricing promos. it is a good way to keep people engaged.....great marketing ploy.
  14. No offense was intended. I was just pointing out that on some comped cruises, when offered a veranda cabin, we were able to upgrade to Aq, which my wife is a fan. Our offers for the Millie was for an Aq cabin, and did not ask for an upgrade as i have no interest in traveling that far for such a short cruise.( long flight both ways) it is amazing what it costs to have your pets boarded.
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