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  1. It was exactly as described above "world wine tour". Overall the package was well worth the cost for us.
  2. Minibar has: 1 red, 1 white 375 ml good wine (Kendal Jackson, la cream), 4 mini vodkas, 2 beers (Heineken), coke & Diet Coke, 2 waters (Evian/ Perrier), 2 small Pringle’s, 2 kind bars. whole thing is replenished around noon and its all included. we are doing the wine tasting today. Ours is a “wines of the world” and the elite is a separate event. The sommelier was selling it to others at dinner last night, so it is a legit event.
  3. Having g a great experience with this package. $50 each on casio, no issues replenishing our mini bar daily, 4 bottles of wine, and wine tasting confirmed. We didn't get a choice on the wine(it's there low end selections, but nice addition for the room.
  4. We went ahead and paid the $9/day to give it a shot. The mini bar usage (as limited as it appears) is the prime draw. I hate having to run up to a bar to get a beer, wine, or water. And since we do typically blow about $100 in the casino each trip, a couple big bottles of wine never hurt, and we love wine tasting - why not. Here is my guess on your questions: 1) Does the drink indicator on your express pass and seapass stay "PALL" or does it change? Wondering if I should watch for it to update or if they keep that part marked as PALL My guess is there is no need to have a different code on your card. All the perks are 1-time or in room. 2) What's the wine tasting like? Is it equivalent to one of the ones they sell online in the Cruise Planner, or ? Wondering because we bought the Wines Around the World experience and I'm not sure if that's redundant now or worth keeping. A couple other posts seem to indicate it was a special one for those with the D&M package. I have done the Wines of the World before and it was fun. My guess is this is more of a special think. 3) Is the casino free play money pre-loaded on your card so you can use it in the slot machines, or is it only good at the tables, or..? We've received casino credit before and it can be loaded on your card (you have to play it all, but get to keep the payout's as cash). We also play craps, so we also have gone to the casino cage and had it converted to special chips that work the same way. You have to bet them, but you get paid out in 'real' chips. 4) Has anyone been able to influence the choice of wines by the bottle you receive? Any tips? This one I have no idea, but I did receive an email for this cruise and it asked about my preferences (hangers, pillows,...). One of the questions was do I prefer white, red, or bubbles wine. So hopefully they will use that to make the choice for this too. We set sail on Sunday (10/27). We have internet included, so if I'll report back if I learn anything.
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