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  1. Do you know anything about E111, E115, or E117 on Sky? Those look like they have big balconies. I can't tell if they're covered or not. They are the only 3 deluxe balconies left on the cruise I'm looking at and I'm trying to figure out why. I feel like there must be something wrong with them for them to still be available. Thanks for the help and sorry for changing the subject.
  2. I've been searching and searching and finding nothing, so I'm going to bump this post. Are the balconies really as big as they look on the deck plan? Are they covered? Thanks!
  3. Are they totally covered? From the picture above, it looks like they may be mostly covered. We're on the Sky for a British Isles next summer and I'm having the hardest time trying to find cabin reviews. I keep getting "Page Not Found" on Cruise Critic. It's so frustrating!
  4. We're going to have to book June 19th. Bummed I won't get to sail with you guys 😞 I'm planning to call first thing tomorrow morning to get our June 7, 2021 Crown (that was cancelled) moved to the 19th. Hope we all get to go! Best of luck!
  5. I think it's just date based. We were June 7th British Isles on the Crown. Now June 7th is a Baltic on the Sky. I think the June 19th people on the Crown were just switched to the Sky because the itinerary is still British Isles. I'm trying not to get too mad about it - I'll just rebook the Sky for the 19th when it's released. I imagine there will be a room that will work for my family of three. I might have to save more $$ based on the new price though. I wish they would have offered us the option to switch ships and change the dates. 😞
  6. We were booked on Crown for June 2021 and our cruise was just cancelled too. I would have LOVED to have been moved to the Sky and kept my fare. Now we have to wait until September 30 to rebook at whatever the current fare is with whatever rooms are left over after they move everyone who was lucky enough to be moved.
  7. ^ This! This is my problem! I was happy with my fare - I just rebooked a couple of weeks ago and saved $1000 on our third passenger. The people booked on the cruise right after ours are just being rebooked on Sky. Our cruise was just cancelled and we're now subject to whatever the current fare is. They're no longer doing the 3rd person sale and I'm sure since the Sky is so new, it's more expensive by default. My guess is the $200pp OBC is not going to cover the added expense. PLUS since all the people who were booked on June 19 on Crown were moved to the Sky automatically, there won't b
  8. Just got the email from Costco Travel saying our cruise was cancelled. It didn't say anything about when we could rebook and it didn't give any replacement cruises (like the chart above). I might call them tomorrow to see what else they know. It's a shame because I had a great rate for June 2020 and then was able to refare a couple of times to get a better rate on the June 2021. I imagine the Sky will be quite a bit more expensive than the Crown was.
  9. Nothing. I just logged into Princess and it still shows the Crown. I'm pretty bummed now. I'm also still waiting on $8k from the June cancelled Regal cruise. I'm pricing NCL in another tab...
  10. Well crap. That shows June 7, 2021 on Sky is Scandinavia and Russia. Guess that means it won't be British Isles. So we'll have to go the 19th? I assume that means they'll just cancel our cruise and make us rebook?
  11. We're on the Crown June 7, 2021 for a 12-night British Isles. I haven't gotten any notification of a change (yet). We are booked with a TA though, so that may be why. I was kind of bummed we were on the Crown instead of Regal (this June) and now I'm not so sure about the Sky. Guess I will start my research. Princess still has the best itinerary (in my opinion), so I imagine we'll still stick with them.
  12. Yeah, I don't know. I had never heard of a wash before. Looking at my CCL cost basis, it seems I've sold it at a loss 4 times since mid-March. I had been dumping them all at the same time - so I'd take a gain in NCLH and/or RCL and accept the loss in CCL. I don't think I'll dump anything at a loss anymore. This is the first time I've really played in the market so I'm learning as I go.
  13. I had this happen to me today. I bought CCL yesterday at $11.64 and today my TD Ameritrade account shows I bought at $17.50. I was SO confused! After poking around I saw I had a $500 "wash sale adjustment". I guess it's because I did sell CCL for a loss back in March and have bought and resold a couple of times since then. Yet another example of me not knowing what I'm doing 🙂
  14. Thanks. This is the first time I've gotten cruise line stock. I wondered how you proved ownership and then saw it was incredibly easy to do so. Yes, it would be a lot of effort to get $100 OBC. I'm just hoping the stock prices will drop again so I can get back in.
  15. It's because I sold last week. Grr...
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