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  1. Yeah, I don't know. I had never heard of a wash before. Looking at my CCL cost basis, it seems I've sold it at a loss 4 times since mid-March. I had been dumping them all at the same time - so I'd take a gain in NCLH and/or RCL and accept the loss in CCL. I don't think I'll dump anything at a loss anymore. This is the first time I've really played in the market so I'm learning as I go.
  2. I had this happen to me today. I bought CCL yesterday at $11.64 and today my TD Ameritrade account shows I bought at $17.50. I was SO confused! After poking around I saw I had a $500 "wash sale adjustment". I guess it's because I did sell CCL for a loss back in March and have bought and resold a couple of times since then. Yet another example of me not knowing what I'm doing 🙂
  3. Thanks. This is the first time I've gotten cruise line stock. I wondered how you proved ownership and then saw it was incredibly easy to do so. Yes, it would be a lot of effort to get $100 OBC. I'm just hoping the stock prices will drop again so I can get back in.
  4. It's because I sold last week. Grr...
  5. I have a stupid question - how do they know you still have the stock when you sail? I've owned 100 shares a handful of times over the last month but currently do not have any (figures, right? I sold last week and everything was up this morning!). It sounds like a screenshot showing you own stock is enough to get the credit for your sailing, but what if you sell before you sail? I have no plans to do this, I was just curious. I'd like to end up with 100 shares of the CCL, NCLH, and RCL when all of this is over.
  6. Normally I would agree with this - pay yourself up until the final due date. I recently paid off our cruise early so I could get the minimum spend on my new Southwest card to get the Companion Pass as soon as possible. The Companion Pass was worth more to me than the tiny interest rate I get in my savings account for those couple of months I paid early. I didn't really think there would be a world-wide pandemic cancelling my cruise in June.
  7. Does anyone know how they refund you if you used multiple credit cards to pay in full? I used our AMEX cards to get the statement credits and I used 2 Southwest cards to get their Companion Pass. I have no idea what will happen to my miles/points if they credit everything to the card that paid it. I think I'm leaning towards getting FCC if ours gets cancelled. We're 6/9 British Isles, so it's looking like it probably will get cancelled...
  8. I've got a Princess cruise coming up and I saw some people had a similar problem with cancelling a cruise proactively. Initially Princess refused a refund if you cancelled on your own. They have since changed the wording to say: "For guests that have already cancelled a March 6-May 31, 2020 cruise or cruisetour on or after January 20, 2020, they will automatically receive Future Cruise Credit (FCC) for 100% of cancellation fees; no need to call Princess." Maybe NCL will come around as well.
  9. I agree. I saw NCL's announcement last night and was hoping Princess would update their offers this morning. We're on a June 9 British Isles. I was happy they moved our PIF up to 60 days but honestly I was already using 60 days as my cancellation point since we only paid a $200 deposit and I was ok losing that. I really hope in the next month the virus calms WAY down or Princess gets on board with the other big players. I looked at a similar British Isles cruise for next year and it's over $3000 more than what we paid for this year. A lot of that is because we can get a Balcony Deluxe on Regal but we'd have to get a Mini Suite on Crown because we are family of 3.
  10. I bought casino credit for our cruise in June. I was spending $500 to get the $100 AMEX credit. Since we're booked with Costco I can't pay for the cruise with my AMEX card. I'm hoping it's exactly like you say and I can get cash and use it how I want. Good to know!
  11. We've only done one Princess cruise, so no elite status. Our 3rd person is a 12-year old, so we really don't all need internet all of the time. Right now I just have 1 package total. We're also a pretty port-heavy itinerary and should have decent service with our regular cell phone plan. If we're all hanging out in the room we might try the wifi hub to see what that would get us. We'll be bringing it either way for the wifi in the hotel pre-trip. We did get the 3 device plan on Royal last year because we were traveling with friends and family and the kiddo wouldn't always be with us. We wanted to be sure we could get ahold of him. We couldn't talk anyone to come to Europe with us so I image he'll be with us most of the time. Thanks for the help!
  12. Thanks for the help. I guess we'll just stick with one and share.
  13. I just pulled up my employee health profile and I have no life insurance for my spouse or dependent. We used to have that included but now you can only get that if you purchase supplemental for yourself. I looked into that this year and to get just a tiny bit more you have to go through the whole medical testing thing. They called on a particularly bad day and I said "never mind" and just cancelled the extra life. I probably should have just done it. I think I was mad that they took this benefit away. I work for a GIANT company and our benefits get worse and worse every year. I'll have to check our supplemental plan and see if our kiddo is included in that. We should add him if he's not. @carib1 raises some very valid points. This whole situation makes me so sad... and then so mad. My cousin is on a Royal cruise right now and just posted a picture of 2 of her kids up against the glass on the ground looking out to sea. They're touching the glass...
  14. I saw in our planner it would be $75 for 1 device or $180 for 4 devices for our 12 night cruise. This will be our first time getting internet on Princess. Is there not an option for 2 device or 3 device? Our last cruise, on Royal, they have options for all of those. There are 3 of us, so I'm hesitant to get the 4 device. Thanks for the help.
  15. I'm not totally sure, but I don't think our work policies or the supplemental policy we have would cover the funeral of our child. I think we couldn't bring ourselves to have one for him. It just doesn't seem right to think about the death of your baby. It's actually hard to just type those words. But I could be wrong. It's possible the supplemental policy has something in there for children.
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