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  1. My main concern (which is unknown) is not being allowed off the ship after 7 days and enduring what the Princess cruisers are going through. I am not worried about catching the virus and plan on using good cleanliness judgement such as washing my hands, using hand sanitizer etc. it’s a call we have to make for ourselves. We are leaning towards going as we will be in Florida.
  2. We cannot decide whether or not to cancel our March 15 Edge cruise. Perhaps hearing cruisers who recently disembarked within the last week, (late February - early March) can help us make this decision. We booked during that great Veteran’s Day sale and would really hate to cancel this trip that we have been looking forward to the cruise and experiencing the Edge. Any comments would be appreciated.
  3. Awesome video. We are on the Edge on March 15 so I am thoroughly enjoying your live blog. I will not be jumping out of a plane when in Key West but I can live vicariously through you. Thanks for sharing and doing this live report.
  4. Hi Michelle: We were on the Reflection this past summer. We had the internet package ( regular not surf) and we made wifi calls on our IPhone 7. You have to turn off the data and roaming but turn on wifi calling. It works fine. This is only for the iPhone , so not sure of other types of phones. We’ve been on the Reflection twice and loved every minute. It’s a beautiful ship. Karen
  5. We just booked the Edge for March 15 and the only available dining time is 8:30 (ugh). I just emailed the Celebrity Dining to see if we can be switched to Select. I Previously called the Captains Club and they said the Select is closed. We are waitlisted for 6:00PM dining which isn’t that great but probably better than 8:30. Hopefully we’ll be able to get select but won’t let this get me down. We got a great price with 4 perks from this fantastic Veteran’s day sale.
  6. I am excited to follow your trip report and your impressions of the Edge. We were in Santorini a few years ago and did the walk down to the tenders. You will have no issues with walking down but just know that you are sharing the path with the donkeys and the “presents” they leave behind. The steps are very slippery so make sure you wear shoes or sneakers with good traction. You will also want to look where you are stepping as you walk down. We first took the ferries to Oia and then the bus back to Fira. It is one ticket for both modes of transportation. You will see the vendors selling the tickets. I don’t remember the cost. When we were there in August it was very crowded so going to Oia first made sense as it wasn’t as crowded early in the day. Santorini is absolutely beautiful and I hope you enjoy your visit. I look forward to your report. Regards, Karen
  7. Will it be quicker to take bus 6A or walk. Will we have to pay another fare to take the second bus.?
  8. We are traveling this year to Copenhagen on Celebrity Reflection. It appears we are the only Reflection cruise coming into Oceankaj, as all the others are docking in Langeline.
  9. Hi Danish Viking: Thanks so much for this information. I just read all 15 pages and I have a few questions. You said in the above quote that the taxis were plenty and buses were rather empty. Did you mean there were plenty of taxis and few buses or empty buses that no one was using? We are arriving on September 4 on the Celebrity Reflection and will be in Oceankaj port from 10am to 6pm. We plan on taking bus 25 to Norreport and walk to city hall where we will pick up the Free Walking Tour. Will we be able to make it there for the 11:00 tour? One more question- we are buying a SIM card for our phone so we will have data on our phone while we are in Europe. We downloaded the DOT app to buy bus tickets in Copenhagen and it appears you can only buy one ticket at a time for one person. Do you have any experience using the app to buy bus tickets? Thanks for your response
  10. We are going on this cruise in August. Can you tell me where the ship docked in Stockholm and Copenhagen? Were you able to walk to town or did you take a cab?
  11. I too am awaiting response about wifi calling . All we need to do is check our business email and go on our business website to check for messages. We would also want to make wifi calling. We figured we would buy the regular internet package but if the Surf package suffice,s of course we would rather spend less.
  12. We are traveling with friends in 2 veranda cabins. There seems to be many unsold aqua class cabins as the prices were really high. As we get closer to sail date I am interested in any move up opportunities to Aqua, however we only want to move up with our friends. Does anyone know if 2 reservations can be linked so that we both can move up together? Thanks
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