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  1. You should book this one. Priced the same as a regular balcony but it is deluxe with a huge balcony.
  2. I think there are some dining room picks of the Regal on the November 1st Regal cruise face book page.
  3. Would love to know if anyone that has been on the Regal lately if they had late night happy hour.
  4. Any happy hour updates on recent cruises??
  5. That's good to hear. Even if they do BOGO at nite only that's fine with me. When they had it twice a day there were maybe 1/3 of the people at the night happy hours than the day. It would seem smart to cancel the afternoon one and get people to spend money on drinks instead of going to bed.
  6. Yeah No BOGO and high prices has forced us to smuggle our own booze on. Oh well. Saves us some money.
  7. Ocean Medallion has been a flop. Pretty much dead in the water. (pardon the pun)
  8. No. The smoking area is up one deck by the aft pool.
  9. Hope they bring it back. Even if it is just the late one. They still make plenty of money with BOGO. I would stay up later for a couple cheaper drinks. Otherwise nighty night. I will spend ZERO.
  10. Found it. Thanks Princess Cruise Lovers!!
  11. No more happy hour. No need for Crooners I guess. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  12. No conspiracy theories. I don’t think it’s more cutbacks either. Just noticed they dropped the theatres. Hope something good as a replacement. I think the Guys smokehouse is an improvement over Red Frog Pub. Was on the Vista and we did like the theater tho. The showroom shows aren’t very good tho. They could use some improvements. Taking out the theater takes away an option if you don’t like what’s in the showroom. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
  13. They use no butter on the lido. Sent from my iPhone using Forums
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