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  1. Thanks for the comments. I have to say although this will be our first Regent cruise we have done holiday cruises on other lines and I agree they can be a very different demographic to regular cruises. We had 3 noisy teenagers in a cabin next door to us on an Azamara Christmas cruise some years back, fortunately we were able to change cabins early on. Last year we did a Christmas and New year again on Azamara and there were not many kids at all. On Celebrity we found there were large extended family groups who by day 3 had started to fall out with each other so I guess its the luck of the draw. Its sad how just a small number of people can spoil things for others by their inconsiderate behaviour.
  2. Thanks for the replies so far. We are not over the top Christmas people so I'm not too worried as long as we have good food and festive decor. Hopefully they will put on a good party for new years eve.
  3. Hi We are very excited to be taking our first Regent cruise this Christmas on the Navigator. Can anyone tell me what special things they do for Christmas and New Years eve? Many thanks
  4. This video was taken from the ship. Hopefully it will clarify how near we were to the fireworks. I thought we had pretty decent view. 20190101_000158.mp4
  5. It sounds like if the weather co operates it would be a wonderful unique experience. Knowing our luck it would be blowing a gale or raining! Will definitely consider it for our Australia cruise over Christmas. Fingers crossed the weather is favourable!
  6. Yes that would be an acceptable alternative. We would happily accept an Azamazing Evening in Sydney as a solution to the New years eve situation. Sadly it's been over a week since I e mailed the UK MD Richard Twynham and have not had a response which is surprising as he is usually prompt at replying. Sent from my SM-J700F using Forums mobile app
  7. I also e mailed Mr Twynam 5 days ago. Still awaiting a response. Completely agree on the misrepresentation act. Sent from my SM-J700F using Forums mobile app
  8. Isn't the top 18 adults only? That's a reason right there! Sent from my SM-J700F using Forums mobile app
  9. Thanks for the info. Eager to get on board as soon as we can and make the most of it! Sent from my SM-J700F using Forums mobile app
  10. We are boarding the Meraviglia in Genoa on Oct 6th. Just got my tickets and the check in time is listed as 15.25 for a 18.00 departure. We are Yacht Club and was planning to arrive at the port at around mid day. Would we be able to embark if we arrived before our allocated time?
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