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  1. Yes you can use your credit cards there no problem.
  2. Sadly Maya Chan is not an option for me next month. I was thinking my plan B would be Yaya Beach because they're in Shore Trips and I really trust Shore Trips. But I'm thinking maybe I should just wing it and wander up and down the Boardwalk? Stop in and have a cold one... wander to the next place... find a third place for some tacos... Would it be unwise to arrive without a plan? Are there plenty of places where I could enjoy the beach without booking one of the all day all inclusive? I'll be by myself wandering at my leisure. Thanks for your thoughts and advice.
  3. I'm sure this question is out there, and I promise I did a search, but in this new format maybe I did something wrong because I got zero results returned. My question is one that everyone asks: How early of a flight can I get? I've never sailed MSC, or debarked in or flown from Barcelona. Is a 10:30 am flight possible? Impossible? What is the earliest flight you'd recommend?
  4. OOOOO I can help with this as a fellow hop head. When I was on board in June, the Sand Bar up by the pool had a Terrapin in a can that I've had at home and just love. It was the only bar where I found it, however. The bar right upstairs did NOT have it! I don't think it is well known what beers they have at each bar so I'd suggest that he just ask wherever he goes. He may find a hidden gem. It might also change frequently. I recall a bartender at Sand telling me that they didn't sell much of the Terrapin, so it may not be there any longer. But they can't sell it if they don't tell their passengers they have it, right?!
  5. Thanks for the response. I totally didn't care for the Royal Promenade on Allure. Probably my least favorite part of the ship, so maybe I'd LOVE Quantum class!
  6. I've been on Vision Class, Radiance Class and Oasis class. I wasn't terribly excited about Quantum class because I seem to recall a fair amount of people who say they didn't particularly care for it. As a family of 4 with two teenage boys, I do think it might be a lot of fun for us. But I'd love to hear from others (and please share whether or not you brought teens on board) who were a bit underwhelmed. Thank you! p.s. Also, is the drink package worth it? :') I AM ONLY KIDDING!!!! :evilsmile:
  7. The deck on 7 aft still exists. You can get there from the very end of the hallway, or there are stairs by the Aqua Theater where you can get there. There is also still the sun deck on 14 all the way forward. Port side. But it was locked the entire week I was on board in June.
  8. Oh that's a bummer. But yes... CBW. At least you're still going! Enjoy.
  9. I do indeed and would be happy to email them to you. Will I get in trouble for posting my email address here? Or if you give me yours? I don't want to get in trouble but would be most happy to share with you!
  10. I love it! We often say to each other, "gosh, if someone actually heard how we talk to each other they'd think we hated each other?!!!" Have a blast when you sail!!
  11. Well, if I knew how to post a picture of the Mother's Day card my son gave me I would. Rather than writing "Mom" on the outside of the envelope it said "Nerd". That's just how we roll. Anyway, I came back to let anyone know who might have been curious, trip insurance did in fact pay my claim! They will reimburse me the $377 I paid Southwest to change my flights from 8:00pm to 9:45am on the day of embarkation. Yippee!
  12. Good to hear. Would love to know the name of the tour operator you recommend if you get a chance to share it. Thanks!
  13. I have a copy of the teen planner from the western itinerary a few weeks ago. Other than a "prom" where the kids could dress up nicely, I don't really remember any other special events that would require particular outfits. I'd be happy to email you the copy I have if you'd like.
  14. My son and I have just returned from sailing on the Allure, Western itinerary. I had high hopes that we would make lots of memories on this trip, and it is safe to say we succeeded. But not necessarily in the ways I anticipated. We have labeled this as the vacation that "Coulda Been Worse". CBW. There were highs. There were lows. And a few "REALLY low"s. We started off with a super early flight from Dulles to Fort Lauderdale on Friday. Halfway through the flight I was convinced I was having a heart attack. Great start, right? I was dizzy, nauseous, my left arm was tingling, and I was wondering what was about to happen to my 13 year old son when I dropped dead on the plane and they had to make an emergency landing. Thankfully we didn't have to find out. I used to have a job where I traveled 10,000 - 20,000 miles per week, so this really was unprecedented for me, which of course increased the anxiety level. I saw it as a bit of an ominous foreshadowing at the time, and I was proved correct. Once back on land I slowly started to feel better, and we made our way to Margaritaville where we had reservations for two nights. Thankfully FLL is a small airport and the rental cars are very conveniently on site. No need to take a shuttle bus to the rental cars. Since this is Cruise Critic, and not Hotel Critic, I won't spend much time on Margaritaville in this review, but if you have questions, I'll do my best to answer them. The front desk staff very friendly and the check in process was very quick. Me and #theboy went up to our room on the 14thfloor looking north over the ocean and the intracoastal. Lobby is large and comfortable. There is a high end steak restaurant in the lobby, plus a coffee shop. $3.00 for a large drip coffee. The pools are open from dawn till dusk. They give you little cards to trade for towels, and then you get the cards back when you turn in your towels. You must have room key to access pool areas as they are fenced in. The resort is on a public beach and they have to keep the riff-raff out, yanno? There are two pools ocean front, each with a bar/restaurant. Additionally there is one adults-only pool on the 11thfloor with its own bar. Needless to say, I didn't experience this pool as the 13 year old is a few years short of being legal. Free wi fi all over the property seems to work very well. There was a cooler, but not a fridge, in the room. Sufficient to cool beverages but would not keep perishable items. Our room had 2 queen beds which were comfy, but a little soft for my taste. The balcony is private, but in the room you can hear lots of noise. Doors closing are very loud, and people walking by can be heard very clearly. Our room happened to be very close to the Hollywood amphitheater which is a great spot for live music, right on the public beach. (Not affiliated with Margaritaville.) Thankfully they quit playing at 9:00pm because it was louder than I wanted since I was dog tired and ready for bed. The bathroom in the room had an interesting configuration with an opaque glass door (like a shower door almost) to the water closet. I've never seen anything like that, and it could be considered a little awkward if you're not particularly interested in your roommate knowing exactly WHAT you are doing in there. And sadly there really was no good spot in the bathroom to hang wet swimsuits. I may or may not have made the shower head fall to the floor because I'd hung my wet suit on it while it dripped into the tub. Couldn't support the weight, I guess. Good thing that, while I was unaware of it at the time, I would be losing a few pounds in the next week and potentially be in need of a smaller swim suit. More to come...
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