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  1. 5 couples booked with a TA..we signed on to Celebrity and purchased excursions together.. Our final payment is in September..
  2. bleuiz

    Non alcoholic package

    Thanks..we are in discussion over which package to get..
  3. bleuiz

    Non alcoholic package

    Going on our first Celebrity cruise. On previous cruises, hubby and I were able to share the non alcoholic package. Can we do the same here? Thanks
  4. bleuiz

    Just got home from the Silhouette

    I will be on my first Celebrity cruise in December..I thank you for the info..getting excited!!:D
  5. bleuiz

    Independence of the Seas

    That;s great..we have a club from our community going..
  6. bleuiz

    Independence of the Seas

    Thanks so much.. :cool:
  7. bleuiz

    Changing countdown clock

    Thanks..it worked!!
  8. I have a cruise listed on my countdown clock..but we had to cancel the second cruise..does anyone know how to delete it?? Thanks..:cool:
  9. About to embark on our first RC cruise..we have enjoyed many Carnival..now we are going with many friends and excited about it.. Looking for any advice?? Is there a site with a deck plan showing the clubs, shops?? Is there an adult only swimming pool?? What nonalcoholic beverages are available at no cost?? (Carnival has juice, hot coffee, hot tea and ice tea) Thanks!! :cool:
  10. I have an iPhone with AT & T..is there service available on RC? A friend just booked with Princess..they have availability to text someone who is on the ship, able to see your bill, and ship activities..all from your phone..and for free..does RC have anything similar??
  11. bleuiz

    Dress Code

  12. bleuiz

    Dress Code

    We will be taking our first RC cruises and I had questions about dinner atire..does hubby need a suit? Or can he wear sports jacket, slacks, shirt and tie? Do I need a dress, or are dress pants and blouse enough for formal night? Thanks..
  13. We sailed on the Victory several times..she was the ship that went from NY to Canada..she might be gawdy..but we like to think of her as a grand old dame..just beware of the seahorses (at the base of the banisters..people tend to bang into them)..
  14. bleuiz


    Just booked Allure of the Seas..does anyone have menus for Chops and Giovanni's??
  15. bleuiz

    2016. Cruisers who want to lose

    Booked 2 cruises in 2016..and have to attend a wedding in between..would love to lose 15-20 lbs..trying to follow Atkins but need to follow more closely..