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  1. Does anyone have recent information that a shuttle for National will pick you up at the port to get a rental car at the airport? I know that an airport bus did this in the past for National/Alamo, but have seen conflicting info about whether they still do this.
  2. Do this all the time at Baltimore. Basically, you pay a fixed amount and get parking for a set number of days, a room for the night either before or after the cruise, usually breakfast, and shuttle service to and from the pier for the cruise. The package is often less expensive than parking at the pier. Two websites I like for these packages are Stay123, and Buy Reservations.
  3. Have an upcoming cruise on Indy, so I'd like to hear about the problems you encountered.
  4. On deck 8, there are about 10 oversized OV cabins midship that are called Panoramic OV. They were added a few years back from the remodeling of lounge areas. Since they are relatively new, I'm fairly certain that the showers have doors.
  5. I don't like to report second-hand stuff, but a friend just off the Serenade TA told me that were handing out certificates only. I'm wondering if its possible the blocks were to follow later. If a change in policy, maybe this could be confirmed first-hand by someone.
  6. I think you are asking for disappointment. Vision class is very nice, but I think of Radiance class as using Vision as the starting point and then making improvements in every area. So, I think you will find Vision facilities as a slight step down.
  7. Depends what you're looking for - Want to see the ocean and feel like you are on a ship - Vision or Radiance Like the mall? - Voyager or Freedom Crowded resort? - Oasis Theme park? - Harmony Seriously, my personal pick is Radiance class - tons of glass, ocean view elevators, stabilized pool tables, great lounges in Colony Club and Viking Crown, Park Café for the roast beef sandwiches, and finally, enclosed Solarium for swimming in any weather.
  8. Can't see any Radiance class ships leaving before the Visons are retired. Some of the Vision class have already been seen as listed for sale with ship brokers. Hope to see a radiance class in Baltimore! - yes it will fit under the bridge.
  9. We've done 14 TAs and counting and I much prefer west-bound to east for 2 reasons: first, its nice to get the flight, and the sometimes tiring euro travel out of the way first, and then relax on the ship back to the US. Second, we find that the 25 hour sea days make a big difference compared to the 23 hour going east - seems like there is never enough time that way. As for route, we have done both north and south and never had really bad seas. Since air temp is very dependent on sea temp on the open ocean, the temps are just what you might expect on each route. Air2Sea airfares: you will be pleasantly surprised by the prices. Recently booked one-ways to Barcelona this fall for $270, when the same seats are showing at $2500 on Expedia. However, this type of discount on international only, on domestic little or nothing. Medical emergency: yes, there are a few days in mid-ocean when the only medical care is going to be on-ship. However, we were on a west-bound TA cruise where the ship turned back to Europe and ran for 1 1/2 days to get back to helicopter range. BTW, the ship does not need to have a helipad, the patient was removed by basket from the jogging track, midship.
  10. Sounds like you got a good deal. Brilliance is one of our favorites, we will be taking her back from Barcelona this fall. If you are lucky, you might have Clo as CD - she is the best!
  11. Before getting involved with a TA, I would call RC directly and have them make the new reservation while keeping the original booking number. I have done this to change dates on a booking, not sure about changing ships, but might as well try. After everything is straight with RC, then you can transfer to a TA.
  12. If it were just nice shorts, that would be no problem. But, knowing how these things go, the shorts will be complimented with tank top and baseball cap. Wait, that's what I just wore on today's hot, sweaty excursion! Since my clothes are OK for MDR, no need to shower!
  13. We started ballroom dancing on RC about 10 years ago, and have noticed that as each new type of ship comes out, the dance floors are smaller than the preceding version. I'm guessing that the reason for this is that tables with drinking guests produce more revenue than dancers. Anyway, while dance instruction seems to be on the decline, the general rule of thumb is that the longer the cruise, the more instruction. Until recently, it was pretty standard that on long cruises like transatlantics, the ship would hire a dance couple that would give one or more lessons every sea day. On somewhat shorter cruises, like a 10 day, we have also had the feature dance couple from the production cast do regular lessons. Often on a 7 day cruise, a few short lessons might be fit into the sea day schedule. So, not knowing the length of your cruise, and the tendency of RC away from ballroom, hard to say. Wouldn't hurt to find the cruise director ASAP, and ask if some lessons could be worked into the schedule.
  14. Booked the Oct. 18 TA on the Indy this morning. Some cabin types (especially Promenade) were almost gone within a few hours of the cruise being listed. Who is reserving all of these - is it blocking by TAs? If so, should not be allowed to that extent.
  15. I don't think that anyone at the pier has any interest in those boarding times, they are just a ploy to spread out boarding by delaying the arrival of some of the newbies. My feeling has always been that embark day is DAY 1 of my cruise, and I don't intend to spend 2/3 of it ashore.
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