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  1. We just sailed Magic for NYE and stayed in cabin 7431 and did not have any bad smells.
  2. I'm having a vow renewal (not until 2021) and was told to give a list of my guests that are attending. That is a great question about when they arrive at the port, where do they go. I hadn't thought about that part as not all of my guests are Platinum so I'll have to see if I can get clarification. I've seen wedding parties waiting in the boarding area so I'm assuming they must have some way of knowing who is a part of the party. I hope someone can answer here. Or maybe check the wedding boards in here. Maybe someone else asked that question and has some insight by now? I'm going to go check 😉
  3. We've never had a problem booking room for our kids either. We do book with a TA tho so that may be the difference. We never had to get extra keys made or anything but the kids rooms were always next to our or across the hall.
  4. All of the above! It is soooo much fun! This will be our 3rd NYE sailing and we can't wait! We've done different ships each year and so far each was amazing!
  5. Loving your review!! We are sailing Magic for NYE and can't wait as it is our first time sailing that ship. Thanks for sharing with us!
  6. My husband is the gambler but I also get the DOU since it covers us both and I just go in, order a drink from one of the servers around the black jack tables (where my husband usually is) and they bring it to me and I leave. We do tip well so the servers are usually looking for us 😉 We've never bought the Cheers package.
  7. Great pics! Loving your review. Hope things get more organized once the excitement slows down 🙂
  8. We love the Sail Away parties! Line dances and DJ pumping music! Sometimes I participate, sometimes I don't, but we always go. The CD makes a big difference in the energy levels of the crowd but Carnival has awesome CD's. We sailed on RC last NYE and the Sail Away party was dead and felt so weird! lol We are super active and love high energy and Carnival never disappoints in that area 🙂 I have to agree that I do miss the Caribbean bands and steel drums. Love Caribbean music as it really feels like you're on a cruise.
  9. We sailed Vista last year and didn't find it overly crowded at all. Yes, lines will be long at the buffet during peak times, but we find this with every shipped we've sailed. I got a little turned around on Vista because I'm so used to the layout on the other ships, but that's to be expected. Drink service, we didn't notice it being any different than other ships either. We spend a lot of time in the casino and the drink service was excellent! But we do tip well so maybe that helped, who knows.
  10. Yeah we noticed that as well and we've been getting these offers for about 4 years now. We generally book under one of the other casino deals we get as the rates are much better. We've been on 2 Premier sailings and although they were fun and we loved the extras, the casino was super crowded and extra smokey, plus we did spend much of the cruise in there as to not miss any of the drawings and special games. which kind of sucked for me (hubby is the gambler, I just play when I feel like it).
  11. Great review! Can't wait to read more 🙂 I live in south Florida and woke up to a chilly 64 degrees this morning so I can imagine it's cold up there, but hopefully sunny!
  12. We have done it the past 2 years and are also going again this year on Magic and can't wait! It feels like an added level of excitement and energy on board. Like the previous post said, they have champagne and special menus. They have a huge deck party on Lido with the countdown on the big screen. They hand out lots of different novelty items like, glow stick (big ones), light up glasses with the year on them, hats and other fun items that I can't quite recall. They have tables set up with empty balloons and a little paper you can fill in your new years aspiration on and put inside the balloon
  13. Other than what has already been stated, we get bottled water. That's the only thing I recall being able to get.
  14. I thought Vista was too big and also got lost quite a bit lol I figured Lido would be pretty hectic. Carnival should work on a similar set up as RC for their buffet but that’s neither here nor there lol thanks for the feedback!
  15. We also sailed RC last year and beginning of this year and then sailed on Victory a few weeks ago and boy did we miss Carnival! Just the overall fun atmosphere was definitely a welcome home lol We are sailing on Magic for NYE and again in May for the Blackjack tournament and haven't sailed Magic before so can't wait! Looking forward to enjoying the different options. We sailed on Vista last July and enjoyed the layout, although I kept getting lost LOL I just watched a YT video on Magic and it looks like a cross between Vista and the smaller class (Glory and Liberty?) Did you find it easy to na
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