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  1. Your correct to a point but where do you board? Maybe to Alaska you get Vancouver but most likely your going to the us which does give you those rights. That’s how this started. It was never about being onboard he clearly said “But, as people have noted above, this will be a major issue on US-boarded cruises if it is still in effect. “
  2. No you didn’t misunderstand. Sea shark didn’t look at the origin.
  3. Dave specifically said in this country and mentioned the pride of America. That’s where this started.
  4. Educate me please what are these groups. Is this the equivalent of the US federal reserve? I had to look up Ombudsman I had never heard that word before.
  5. We get our Labor Day fireworks in 2 week lol (Planterra).
  6. Explaine NY long term care facility massacre by Cuomo. Those people never left there room the ultimate social distance. Nurses stayed there for months so no reason it should have been there.
  7. Yes it would have, I don’t go on MSC. if you read this thread and the article it comes across differently. If docked and you want to get some land legs you can’t get back on.
  8. Yes go on any excursion on there website then go price it out privately. Perfect example is Cozumel. Playa Maya 100 a person thru ncl 25 if you take a cab.
  9. It called freedom of speech which included clothing. California vs Cohen.
  10. I hear ya’ll, but doesn’t it bother anybody that the msc protocols means that if you want to get on land you pay triple the price. There protocol essentially creates a monopoly, they can charge whatever they want by threat.
  11. It’s been a few months but to really get some “feathers” ruffled I’ll add this. I was supposed to be on the June 28 breakaway. They canceled obviously. Just like everyone else I called Amex said the time was too long and I didn’t want there white piece of paper credit I wanted the green paper. Amex took 30 days asked for more info I referred them to the NCL website with there terms. Amex returned my money closed the case because Ncl didn’t respond. Now I used a chase card for my initial deposit so i still needed to file a refund request for my 150 deposit. I got my 150 back July 28 ( shocking
  12. This is an article I just read. I’m particularly curious about number 4 4. An outbreak management and response plan must be in place to provision and assist an affected cruise ship that relies on industry resources, e.g.,mobilization of additional cruise ships or other vessels to act as “hospital” ship for the infected, “quarantine” ship for the exposed, and “residential” ship for those providing care and treatment, including the ability to transport individuals between ships as needed. I read that, as 3 ships in the fleet need to be hospitals. Is that even possible with the
  13. Thought the Governors choices are strange, but they said those business are family owned Small business for the most part so he wanted to help them out first.
  14. Starting Friday certain business can reopen. No bars but restaurants yes. Gyms, fitness centers, barbers, salons, and bowling alleys can open. Other businesses will start the following week.
  15. Yes, not all entertainment on Friday they are still trying to figure out Movie theaters. I can get a haircut too.
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