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  1. Your right great question!! Let’s hope that they continue! Love your profile picture!
  2. I just ordered one today! Does someone know if they will stop selling them or are they just out of them? Thanks
  3. Not sure as I got it on my birthday
  4. Good point too! These are the rooms left for the sailing I am interested in hmm
  5. You are so helpful as I have always been able to get portside And middle by an elevator and doesn’t look like I can get all 3 with either choice extended or suite! Thanks again!
  6. Wondering what will change as I am looking at rooms and a lot are open more than an extended or a suite!
  7. Thanks really hard to decide as I don’t want to regret my choice whichever it is. I always do port side is there any really big difference? suite also includes laundry my PvP said and FTTF so that’s a savings right there.
  8. Hi looking into August as husband wants a different type of cabin. Decks 9,10,11,12 and 15 are open 9344,123,42,10342 and 15339. I prefer the middle and left side or do I spend $1,000 more for a suite? My 21 year old son will also be coming in our room and my daughter and her family that are staying in a family harbor room.
  9. Doubt if it’s a casino thing maybe just random
  10. Your right as we planned on rebooking but just wanted to wait until they are cruising again but I don’t think it really matters.
  11. No idea how I got it as I haven’t been receiving the Carnival emails at all. We cruised the past few years
  12. I got one today yeah! I emailed my PvP she said that I can apply my Bday email $200 obc onto my $600 obc!! But I have to rebook by the 9th We were on the Pride that was canceled then we changed it to the Magic. Now to decide Pride/Bermuda or Mardi Gras for next August!
  13. Hi our August cruise on the Magic was canceled and leaning towards the Mardi Gras since a good portion will be paid for! husband wants to stay in a different type of room we always do balconys we did a cove on the Dream not our favorite. We have done an L shape on the Glory. We have also been on the Vista and Valor. Looking at next August. Preferably not an obstructed view. Thanks
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